Take Action: USDA To Let Monsanto Decide Whether GMOs Pose Environmental Risks

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That doesn’t sound like such a good idea, now does it? I don’t think so either. But if we don’t make our voices heard, that’s exactly what may happen, as the USDA is contemplating whether or not to allow Monsanto to police itself.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are already wreaking havoc on the environment, while simultaneously increasing the use of toxic pesticides, spawning super-weeds, contaminating organic & non-GMO crops, producing food that is less nutritious and more likely to trigger allergies and making plants, animals and human beings more susceptible to disease, infertility and cancer (organicconsumers.org). I’m thinking that turning all of our food into genetically-modified Frankenfoods isn’t a path we want to go down. Most of the European Union has either banned or started banning GMO foods and seeds; when will we here in the U.S. stand up to these corporate special interest seemingly making life and death decisions for our government and its peoples?

From an exclusive over at Truthout:

For years, biotech agriculture opponents have accused regulators of working too closely with big biotech firms when deregulating genetically engineered (GE) crops. Now, their worst fears could be coming true: under a new two-year pilot program at the USDA, regulators are training the world’s biggest biotech firms, including Monsanto, BASF and Syngenta, to conduct environmental reviews of their own transgenic seed products as part of the government’s deregulation process.

Documents obtained by Truthout under a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request reveal that biotech companies, lawmakers and industry groups have put mounting pressure on the USDA in recent years to speed up the petition process, limit environmental impact assessments and approve more GE crops.

Monsanto has been doing continuous damage to our environment for years, between creating the Agent Orange used in Vietnam, creating GMO seeds which only grow for one season, suing farmers whose fields Monsanto seeds blow onto, and being named the Worst Company of 2011. In addition to all that, major environmental groups like The Nature Conservancy continue to take millions of dollars from Monsanto and remain silent about the damage Monsanto is doing to our planet.

Take Action

If we are to have any chance of making change and stopping Monsanto from destroying our food supply, we need to make our voices heard to the USDA. These new self-policed regulations cannot be allowed to be put in place, so please take a moment to let them know that it’s not OK with you, by sending this prepared letter to Gregory Parham, Administrator, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service at the USDA.

Whether you choose to believe it, the future of our food does depend on your actions on issues like this. Please let them know it is of concern to you and your family.

Image from OldAmericanCentury.org

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