20 Incredible Ways To Use Your Used Teabags

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Tea! It is the quintessential British drink which is loved across the Globe.

It can give us a caffeine and antioxidant boost – and comes in a variety of flavours to suit every taste.

We at The Good Human love tea, but also love to reduce waste. So we want to challenge you to see tea bags as something more than a one-use dip and trash product.

Yes, we want you to use your tea bags as you normally do – but before you carefully do the drip-catch-walk to the garbage…..STOP!

Consider all of these ways that you can re-use your used tea bags. I know you will find a few in here that will change your trashy ways!

1. Add Flavor to Your Cooking-Water

Here we mean the water that you will use to cook your pasta and grains. You can choose the tea bag to compliment your dish – for example cinnamon tea for oatmeal, jasmine for rice. Simply toss your used bags into the cooking pot, and allow to steep for a while before you add your favourite grains.

2. Marinate Your Meat

You can use tea bags to create a marinade, which will help to soften and flavor your meat – it will add a delicious new dimension to your barbecue. Just look at what the tea-experts at All About Tea have to say about it:

Marinating meats in tea not only imparts an herbaceous and vigorous flavor but may also help reduce potentially cancerous compounds in meat. Different kinds of tea have different flavor profiles. Green tea, for example, has a grassy quality that makes it ideal for use in chicken or turkey, while the brooding orange quality of Earl Grey tea makes it a strong candidate for lamb or pork marinades. Oolong tea is best for fish while black tea, which has a bright rustic taste, lends well to seafood like scallops or shrimps. Cold sweet teas also make a delicious marinade for barbecues and steaks. Not only do they impart flavor and add nutrition, tea marinades also help make the meat more tender, breaking down muscle tissue and resulting in more succulent and juicier meat.

3. Rust-Proff Cast Iron Cooking Pots

You can protect your cast iron by rubbing used, damp tea bags over your pans after each use. The tannins create a protective layer which reduces oxidation from occurring.

4. Degrease Dishes

The tannins in your used tea bags are also great at breaking down grease, so save yours to rub onto your dirty dishes. This will save elbow grease and also reduce your need to use harsh chemical cleaners. Worth a try!

5. Make a Stink-Soaking Hand Scrub

Keeping in with the theme of cooking….use a used teabag after cooking to wash your hands. It will absorb strong kitchen odors such as garlic and onion, leaving your hands nice and soft to boot.

6. Fertilize Your Garden

This tip requires you to break up your used teabags – then you can exercise your green fingers by working the leaves into the soil around the roots of your plants. They will enjoy the antioxidant boost!

7. Boost Your Compost Heap

In the same vein as tip number 6, you can chuck your used tea bags into your compost heap. The organic earthy leaves will work wonders for your mulch – but be sure to remove the metal staple if there is one on yours.

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