Your hair wants you to read this


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Woman portrait blow drying her hair at the beauty salon image from BigStock.

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  1. I no longer use shampoo or conditioner and long ago stopped blow drying and using irons on my hair. I switched to no-poo using baking soda wash and white vinegar rinse which surprisingly left my hair so soft and static free. It also cured a problem I had with exzema on my scalp and dry flaking which nothing including prescription medications ever remedied. I now only wash my hair 2 times a week and it looks fantastic, better than ever before.

    1. … Hi Lois … thank you for the info … i’m very interested in what you shared … but can you please tell me what is no-poo … & can you please give the exact measure of the baking soda & the vinegar … & how to use them … would be very grateful for your help … love & peace to all … God Bless you Lois …

    2. Lois, that’s great to hear you had such great results with baking soda and vinegar. I’ve been thinking about giving that a try. That’s also very good news about how it alleviated your eczema on your scalp — I’ll have to pass that on to my husband! He has been using a natural shampoo/conditioner with tea tree oil — but baking soda and vinegar would be a lot less expensive.

  2. … Hi Amanda … thank you for this info … very interesting in deed … i’m a bit worried about the chemicals in the dry shampoo though … can you throw some light on this please … i wash my hair with reetha & shikakai … natural soup & conditioner which i prepare myself & use … with your permission … if i may ask Lois a question about what she shared in your comment box … waiting for your reply … have a great day & God Bless you Amanda …

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