Video of Tesla Motors Electric Car!

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For all you people that have heard about the Tesla Motors electric car, here is the video of the unveiling! For anyone that has not heard of it, here are some statistics:

The equivalent of 135 mpg
Range of 250 miles on a single charge
0-60 mph in four seconds
2 speed transmission
6,831 lithium-ion cells
3.5 hours charge time for full charge

Again, as I have mentioned before, I dont think that electric vehicles that need to feed off the power grid are the absolute future of transportation in this country. But for now, as we try to figure out other ways to get around, this might just be the best thing yet. The car is going to list at around $80,000..which might seem like a lot. But remember, this is just the beginning. Every new technology is expensive at first; remember when plasma TV’s were $10,000 to $15,000? Tesla will bring the price down as they automate assembly, and they are planning on building a sedan as well.

Could the near future have arrived already?

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