Video Of The Mitsubishi iMiEV Electric Car – I Want One.

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Granted, the video below is in Japanese, but I do sincerely hope that Mitsubishi brings these cars to America.

And once you watch that video, here is a link to a test of the car over at Popular Mechanics. The car has a 63 horsepower electric motor and a range of 75 miles, and you can fully charge the battery in 7 hours – but they have a system where you can put 80% of energy back into the batteries in just 30 minutes. Seriously, when can I get one Mitsubishi?

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  1. Neat little car – I can’t wait till this type of technology starts becoming more main stream (and out of the sub compact variety). Hybrid cars are nice and all but they only give you so much of a benefit.

  2. Battery-only electrics are for morons and ignorant environmentalists.
    I love the way this dumb and dumber generation is shilling for a technology that is not yet practical, the battery-only electric car. A 75 mile range means adriving radius of a mere 35 miles, or less, depending upon AC usage terrain and driving style. It’s also unlikely anyone will actually go 75 miles from one recharge and certainly not after the bateries deteriorate, which occurs at the rate of around 3 percent per year. You’ll lose about 12 miles of range after 5 years, when you’ll need to cough up over $15,000 for another battery pack!!!! What a bunch of silly dopes. These cars can’t to anything or go anywhere. I can’t even get to the next county and back!! Shilling for a crappy technolgy like this makes you folks the sleaziest of liars and con men. Why don’t you folks tell the truth for a change instead of conning the public? Assholes.

  3. You are right Thomas – we should stick with burning oil that we are running out of. Why didn’t I think of that myself! That is so…advanced!

  4. Hey Thomas C. Gray: that’s a very enlightened contribution. So, you have an EV eh? (“I can”™t even get to the next county and back!!”). How big is your county? Which EV do you have? Rhetorical questoion: you don’t have one, do you? Heard of series PHEVs? They have a range extender. Dinosaur is a little too polite I think. So, who do you shill for?

    David: Nice site. Neat vehicle — and a pretty girl, too (can I say that?)

  5. Thomas Gray is a pathological shill who slams innovation every chance he gets to the point where I almost expect to see one of his ignorant rants any time an article like this comes up.

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