Video: The Smart ForTwo Passes Its Insurance Crash Test.


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Now would you buy one?

Video of the Smart ForTwo Crash Test

I would like to, but not for that much money ($12,000). I could get a used Honda Civic for way less money that has more room and the same gas mileage.

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  1. If you live in big cities, like NY or SF, another advantage of owning a Smart is ease of parking. To a Smart driver, every palm-sized spot is a potential parking spot 🙂 I have seen it done in Europe…

  2. I would really like to buy one, but they need to make them less expensive. It’s just not enough size/mpg for that kind of money. The idea is good, but the price is just wrong.

  3. The price is moderately steep, but doable. I see a fair number of these around town (SF Bay Area), and am always impressed. Parking is certainly one of the plusses!

  4. It’s not that it is too expensive, it is just too expensive for what you get, that’s all. I love them; I just wish they were around $8K or so…

  5. What freaked me out was the way that car ‘bounced’ up and quite aways from the ‘hit’ – I can this car getting hit from one side and then another because it ‘bounced’ into another lane

  6. Ditto on the bounce. The size has its utility, but it should really be coming in the 40s for its mpg. Then the performance would justify its cost. In the 30s though, it should be under 10k.

  7. I have one and I love it! I get in the upper 30’s MPG commuting to NYC and topped 40’s on last weekend’s trip upstate. and yes the best part is I can park it almost anywhere, no more stress about NYC parking! my hubs jokes that I could wash it in the dish washer. I’m not sure where the posters got the idea that you don’t get a lot for your money because it has ammenities like heated seats, rain sensor wipers, moon roof and auto lights. sure the non existant trunk stinks but where i live you can always get things delivered (much cheaper than driving a gas guzzler). It feels like a normal sized car when you are driving, everyone that’s ridden with me comments on how much it feels like a normal sized car. for NYC you can’t beat ’em but good luck joining ’em with the 24 month wait list!

  8. I think they mean that for the cost and the gas mileage, you could buy a Honda Civic with 4 doors – but then again, you wouldnt have a Smart then. 🙂 I think Smart is on to something, and I am awaiting a plugin hybrid version for the same price – that to me would be totally worth it!

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