Volunteers Needed To Be Infected With Malaria For $4,000.


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I think this shows that some medical studies are going a little too far, but if you want to participate, there is a study taking place up in Seattle that will pay you $4,000 to be infected with malaria. Yikes. Personally, no amount of money is worth jeopardizing my health, even if they claim it is “controlled”. Allow myself to be bitten by an infected mosquito? No thanks…

Seattle Times

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  1. I think I’d do it. I could really use $4000. I’d definitely look into what it involves. Like if I’d just be carrying it, or if I would have a full-blown case of malaria. I might say no then.

  2. Isn’t malaria a recurring, incurable illness? So once you’ve had it once you’re permanently affected and can suffer bouts in the future.

    I’m all for progress, but I’m not sure that I’d want to do this to myself. $4k is about 4 mortgage payments for me. So not worth it.

  3. I’ve had Malaria a few times. I lived in Africa as a kid and while I lived in Africa I got Malaria about once a year. I’ve never had it since though. It’s really just like the flue when you have it. As long as you detect it early enough and monitor it (not any different from the flue) you are fine. That is the ridiculous thing, there really no reason that so many kids in Africa are dying from that disease if they had ways to prevent and quickly detect the disease!

    Sponsor a Moskito net for a child!!!

  4. I am a healthy 44 year old female that is a native to Oregon. I would like more information regarding your study. I would be interested, I believe, in being part of your study. Catherine

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