Vote Now For Co-op America’s Green Business of the Year.

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Below are the top ten most popular green business nominations submitted to Co-op America. Check out the businesses’ Web sites, read quotes from their customers who nominated them, and then vote for your favorite by October 15. My personal choice would (and is going to be) Flexcar, as I think it is an absolutely ingenious idea – to share a car with others.

1. Flexcar
Seattle, WA
“Flexcar made it possible for me to get rid of my car! My workplace has a corporate contract allowing our employees to use Flexcar during the day. As a result, most of us now use mass transit to get to work.”
–David K., Portland, OR

2. The Planet’s Homestore
Chico, CA
“Great eco-friendly products at reasonable prices. Plus, the owners podcast their show, “More Hip than Hippie” every week, which is the best green show we’ve listened to.”
–Cynthia and Larry G., Jacksonville, FL

3. Green Living Now
Huntington, VT
“Amy Todisco is not just a business owner, she is a partner in health to all she serves. She delves deeply into researching the products she sells in order to more completely serve her clientele.”
–Donna H., Fredericksburg, VA

4. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods and Oils
Winnipeg, Manitoba
“I’ve never met a more enthusiastic, passionate group of people, dedicated to spreading the word not only about the value and sustainability of hemp, but the ways in which each of us can make our mark on this world for the better. I adore them!.”
–Linda S., Boulder, CO

5. Mountains of the Moon
Camby, IN
“Mountains of the Moon does something very simple: they give the earth-conscious consumer the ability to be fashion-conscious, and vice versa. Enough said!”
–Julie C., Chicago, IL

6. Only Natural Pet Store
Boulder, CO
“Fantastic, responsible product selection. Biodegradeable, recycled packaging. Plus, the company runs on wind and solar power. Wow!”
–Aileen W., Sierra Madre, CA

7. Pizza Fusion
Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Pizza Fusion introduced me to the concept of a green business, which I knew nothing about. Their way of building their business with the least amount of negative influence on our environment is something that everyone should follow.”
–Chris J., Hialeah, FL

Chicago, IL
“Small Web-based retailer, changing the world one reusable bag at a time. I’m a convert myself and have converted several others into BYOBaggers in less than six months!”
–Kristin F., Middleton, WI

Montebello, CA
“They are taking one of the most wasteful industries in America and are sincerely dedicating themselves to the recycling and greening of the transportation and storage businesses.”
–Daysun P., Los Angeles, CA

10. Yoga Nine/Buddha Body Fair Trade Store
Smithville, NJ
“Laurie Green facilitates health and spiritual growth while being a responsible business person, both in the local community and the global village, by supporting Fair Trade practices.”
–Diane S., Egg Harbor City, NJ

You can learn more about the competition and vote over at Co-op America.

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  1. If you’re not sure yet which one of these great green businesses is your favorite, you are welcome to check out Eco-Libris Blog, which started today a series on the nominees to the award.

    We sent all the nominees a short questionnaire about their green identity, and I hope their replies will make it easier for you to compare them and decide which one is your numero uno.

    The first nominee presented on the blog today is Only Natural Pet Shop, a leading retailer of natural pet supplies for dogs and cats.

    You are welcome to check it out

    Raz Godelnik

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