Vote Tomorrow. Vote Tomorrow. Vote Tomorrow.

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Please, make sure you vote tomorrow. Vote on your lunch break. Leave work early and vote. Stop in and vote on your way to work in the morning. This is one of the most important elections in history, and every vote counts. Whether you are voting for my candidate (Obama, of course) or not, please make your voice heard. You cannot complain if you do not vote, and your candidate needs every vote they can get – Don’t believe any poll numbers suggesting otherwise.

Here are some very important things to keep in mind as you prepare, show up at the polls and/or have any problems casting a vote:

  • Make sure your know your proper polling location and what ID requirements there are to cast a vote. (You can use Google’s polling place location map)
  • Once you are there, do not take No for an answer. You should not leave without casting a vote.
  • If you encounter more problems, request a provisional ballot or an emergency paper ballot.
  • If you still have issues after requesting these, contact Election Protection. (1.866.OUR.VOTE) This is a large coalition of lawyers and poll watchers and they will be around to help all day on Election Day.

Let’s hope for a smooth election this year and may the best candidate win!

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  1. And try to vote by paper ballot and avoid the electronic machines as much as possible. This is to protect your vote. In an electronic machine it is easy to switch votes without your knowledge. But paper votes can be recounted!!!!

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