Voting For The Environment – Where The Republicans Stand.


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As a follow-up (and just to be “sorta” fair) to yesterday’s post about the Democrats running for President and their views on the environment, I present to you the same for the Republicans running this year. I don’t know which of the three will get the nomination, but I am guessing that it will be McCain…but what do I know. So here you go:

John McCain
Well, he believes climate change is real, which is at least a good place to start. He acknowledges that we might reach a tipping point where we actually cannot save ourselves anymore. He wants more nuclear energy, and he wants to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Does he tell us how he would do anything though? No, not really.

Mitt Romney
From the sounds of it, he is only concerned about foreign oil dependence. (I have written before that it’s not just foreign oil we have a problem with, it’s oil itself) He wants clean, efficient uses of existing fossil fuels, e.g. clean coal, coal-to-liquids, carbon sequestration. More nukes and more domestic production of oil in places like ANWAR are also on his list. That’s it – that’s the extent of his concern.

Mike Huckabee
He says “The first thing I will do as President is send Congress my comprehensive plan for energy independence. We will achieve energy independence by the end of my second term.” – I would love to see the comprehensive plan, Mike – not because I am voting for you, but because I am interested. Then he says “We have to explore, we have to conserve, and we have to pursue all avenues of alternative energy: nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel, and biomass.” Well, that’s overstating it a little bit. Basically, he says nothing while saying a lot. Kind of like McCain, really.

So there you have it – your three candidates that actually have a shot of getting nominated tomorrow. Not that I would ever vote for any of them, but I am all about being fair…sometimes. 😉

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  1. I appreciate that people are voting for him and really pushing hard for him, but he doesn’t have a chance of winning the primary or the election, so I did not include him.

  2. I will be honest and say that no, I don’t have much love for RP, but that is not why I did not include him in this list. I wanted to pinpoint the main 3 candidates that have a chance of winning, and unfortunately for RP supporters, he does not have a chance of getting the nomination, especially after seeing today’s poll numbers. Sorry!

  3. No love for Ron Paul, eh?

    I’m a huge fan of Ron Paul and, while I agree that he doesn’t have a great chance of winning the republican nomination, he has very little chance if he’s left out of discussions like these!

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