Wal-Mart Action: What You Can Do


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It is pretty common knowledge that Wal-mart offers such low prices in their stores by both forcing suppliers prices down and underpaying their employees, both in dollars and benefits. And according to SOME PEOPLE , people deserve to make such low pay and its their own fault they do. Well, its not ok, and neither is the way that Wal-mart treats its employees.

Co-op America is calling on Wal-mart to pay its fair share for employee health care. It has been reported that Wal-mart hands out information about Medicaid to its employees! This is because Wal-mart keeps its employees working part-time, thus they dont have to pay for their health care. From Co-op America:

“According to a 2004 study by the Democratic Staff of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, federal taxpayers spend an average of $420,750 for each Wal-Mart store, because of the high level of public assistance needed by Wal-Mart workers.

By 2005, three states (Georgia, Tennessee, and Wisconsin) had studied the Wal-Mart effect on state health care programs, with each finding a significant Wal-Mart-created burden for taxpayers – as high as $6.6 million a year in Georgia.

In early 2006, the nonprofit organization Wake-Up Wal-Mart found that public health care for Wal-Mart employees cost American taxpayers $1.37 billion in 2005, with 57 percent of the company’s workforce not covered by insurance.”

Please visit Co-op America- Wal-Mart Action to tell Wal-mart to be fair to their employees!

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  1. The real question is “what do I like about it?”. We refuse to shop there on principle because of the way that they treat their employees, the way they ruin small towns by putting mom and pop stores out of business, and the fact that they pay their suppliers so little that they are forced to outsource the creation of goods to places like China and India.

    Personally, I dont need an $8 refridgerator or a $4.99 pair of pants. I would rather pay more for them if it meant that people would be treated fairly, from those who sell the pants to those that make the pants. The low prices might be good for you, but they are just reinforcing poverty in that employees of Wal-mart dont even get paid for the hours that they work, and they dont have health care. In 2005 alone, the company faced over 40 class-action law suits alleging that they forced employees to work overtime for no pay. Simply put, Wal-mart keeps poor people poor, outsources American jobs and products, and takes over small towns.

    I hope that helps answer your question.

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