Wal-Mart Does Not Pay A Dime To Baggers In Mexico – Tips Only.

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Lovely lovely story….seems Wal-Mart does not pay any of its teenage baggers in Mexico any money to work there, they work for tips only. Sure, it’s legal down there, but still…from MSNBC:

“Wal-Mart prides itself on cutting costs at home and abroad, and its Mexican operations are no exception. That approach has helped the Arkansas-based retail giant set a track record of spectacular success in the 16 years since it entered Mexico as a partner of the country’s then-leading retail-store chain. But some of the company’s practices have aroused concern among some officials and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that Wal-Mart is taking advantage of local customs to pinch pennies at a time when its Mexican operations have never been more profitable.”

For a multi-billion dollar company to exploit a loophole like this is a travesty. This company makes more than enough money in Mexico to pay it’s employees and really make a difference in their lives. But instead they are after the almighty dollar, which is just one more reason I have never and never will shop there.

Wal-Mart = Injustice.

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  1. Not only will you not shop at Wal-Mart, you evidentally have never been to Mexico.

    I live in Mexico and I am unaware of ANY market or other business that provides services like this to it’s customers, nor does it pay those who voluntarily provide them.

    Baggers, carrying baggage or bags, parking lot security/attendants, etc., are all voluntary workers who are there looking for tips. It is the same everywhere, with every kind of business.

    If MSNBC wants to attack someone, and if this blogger wants to perpetuate the myth, then attack the entire labor structure in Mexico. Attack the practices of young people who are trying to earn a little personal spending money on their own…or who are providing badly needed income to their family.

    This is a knee-jerk attack on Wal-Mart and is corrupt. To be so uneducated and brazen as to focus soley on Wal-Mart is a travesty and belies any pretence of objectivity.

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