Wal-Mart Selling Non-Organic Food As Organic?


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Oh say it isn’t so Wal-Mart! Please prove to us all that you really are a decent, fun loving, environmentally friendly store!

Seems that Wal-Mart might be in some deep trouble after the Cornucopia Institute discovered that they were placing “natural” produce in the organic section, and mislabeling non-organic food as organic.

From The Independent : “It has been accused of using misleading labelling that is “tantamount to consumer fraud” by an organic farming watchdog, the Cornucopia Institute. The body has handed its complaints to the US Department of Agriculture (Usda).”

Hee hee haa haa. Somehow, I just knew it could not be true that they would do something good for everyone and that they would cheapen organic standards for the benefit of all its customers!

I cannot stand that company, seriously. Labeling non-organic food to save some bucks and mislead their customers. Only Wal-Mart could try to pull off something so brazen.

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  1. I wonder if they will issue a statement to the effect of:
    This is an incident that was only that these certain stores and it is not how we, the corporate walmart are working….. yadda yadda yadda

  2. Yea, its pretty bad FCN. I thought that they wouldnt care to buy organic either, but from what I have read it is has been successful; probably making people that buy it at Wal-Mart feel better about buying it at Wal-Mart. They can feel like they are doing something positive….

  3. That’s pretty low. It’s kind of strange, actually, because the typical Wal-Mart shopper probably doesn’t care about buying organic. So why run the risk of embarassment when there is so little to be gained?

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