We Weren’t Here First – Petroglyphs In New Mexico.


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All this talk about the ridiculous new immigration law in Arizona forcing people carry around their “papers” like Nazi Germany got me thinking about something. For all the American bravado and arrogance that Arizona is putting on display, they are forgetting one thing – “we” weren’t here first and “we” were at one time illegal immigrants who stole an entire country away from the natives. (And really, in Arizona, they should know that almost better than anyone) The story reminded me of all the pictures of petroglyphs I took when I lived in New Mexico, which serve as a reminder that an entirely different people lived here first… well before we arrived. I went back through my photos and pulled a bunch of them out and I wanted to share them with you today. This issue in Arizona is, to me, just the start of more racist behavior by certain segments of society, and it could serve as well to remember that we weren’t here first.

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So let’s stop it with the “show us your papers” stuff, ok? Imagine how you would feel if you had to carry around your birth certificate to prove you are a citizen, if only because your skin happens to be brown…

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  1. I used to live north of Phoenix and enjoyed seeing the petroglyphs in the area. However, I don’t have much sympathy for the illegals, or the feds who won’t enforce the immigration laws. Either we’re a nation of laws or we aren’t. You can’t have it both ways according to whim.

  2. whim?

    Pay more for your food and services…then they can make more money and pay taxes to pay for the increase in population. OR if you kick all the illegal aliens out…you’ll have to pay a lot more for your food, take out, dine in, nannies, house cleaners, landscaping, drivers, painters, …. etc at minimum wage! so either way you gotta pay more. If you are not willing to pay more then you are the cause of the problem!

  3. Wow, I don’t live in AZ, we got the story in NY. The way I understood the new law was that it was put in place because crime is on the increase, and is considered most frequently being committed by the illegal aliens. It seems obvious to me. If you are here illegally and you want to stay, don’t do anything stupid to call attention to yourself. Lay low and do your thing.

    1. All you have to do is be brown – you are automatically looked at whether you are doing something wrong or not. It’s racism, plain and simple.

  4. I do have relatives who were illegal aliens (early 20th century). Considering that they were Central Europeans, I wonder if they would have been stopped. I do remember after my mother became a citizen in the 70s, she was stopped at a border crossing into the US and asked to prove that she was a legal resident. It never occurred to her to carry papers when walking across a border for a shopping trip. I can see where even with better clarification, this law will be abused, hurting legal residents. We truly need better immigration policies on a federal level.

  5. I’m sorry, what is the argument against foreign people having to enter our country legally? Tolerance isn’t given to people crossing the borders illegally in any other country, including U.S. citizens heading into Mexico. The Arizona laws aren’t new, they are just finally enforcing ones that were already in place. I think Arizona deserves a round of applause for sticking up for what is legal and not popular.

    1. It is new, if you go look it up. It was just signed into law. It allows police to ask anyone for their papers for no reason at all… Just like they did in Nazi Germany. But I’m sure that’s ok with a state full of racists.

  6. Regarding Article on We Weren’t here First…….I understand your opinion on this matter and truly appreciate the significance in History. Here is the thing, we have evolved, we have come to be as we are not as we were. I am not my ancestors nor anyone else. We are in this Country of the USA, in which we “pay Tax’s” contribute to society and community. To be in this country requires a process and proper procedure, and if you or I decided to leave this Country of the USA, a requirement would ensue for acceptance in any other country as well. This is the way things work! Allow me to enlighten you: In California, women come to the USA have babies get free health care, money, food, housing and I watched over and over again the husbands and boyfriends and/or family members living together making money under the table or with false ID’s. While we pay all the bills, now come on are you “serious”? I think you are missing the entire picture. They have a country that they can fight for there rights, or go through the proper process to come on board as a proper citizen just like others must do to become a proud citizen. Come on now, think about this.

    1. Enlighten me. Yea, um, I’m thinking I’m not the one needing it…

      Guess the Native Americans can ask all white people to leave and come back in the “right” way then. Meet me at the border so we can share a cab back to Europe?

  7. Citizen Ship,
    I understand the frustration and what you describe might be the case in many situations but not all. But for a country / state to rely on racial profiling as discrimination is wrong. And what of the children of those workers or non workers born here? What would you decide for them? They are now citizens. I am a first generation Mexican. My parents came here to work and they worked hard! They are now millionaires and pay more taxes than the average person (rightfully so).
    We have some brilliant minds among us. We need to find a way to fix things without violating civil rights!

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