What Are You Missing In Your Backyard?


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Not in your literal backyard (although I suppose some people do have backyards like this; I know that I did in New Mexico!) but in your town, village, or city…what is there that you may be missing? This past long weekend I spent almost 3 days completely offline and away from the internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and instead went out every day to explore nature. I highly recommend taking breaks from the internet, as it helps to clear your mind of so much of the useless noise and clutter we take in all day long, giving you time to refocus on what is important to you. With that being said, I was feeling burnt out and wanted to recharge, so I headed out with my camera to have a look around at some of the open spaces here in the Denver area. None of the places I went is more than 25 minutes or so from my house, but they felt like a different world – I could hear the crickets, watch the birds, and smell the cows – all within a short drive of a major city. Here are a few pictures from my hikes and exploration this weekend:

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While not every city has the same access to nature as Denver does (LA, I’m looking at you), there are bound to be cool areas you haven’t yet explored or even heard of within a short drive of your house. Next time you are feeling tired or burnt out, find a cool park or open space and get back to nature. You might be missing something really cool in your own backyard.

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  1. There are a lot of natural places to visit in and around Philadelphia. Personally, I don’t like having to drive to access them 😉 I try to fill up on nature when I’m in Vermont.

  2. Great post. And L.A. DOES have a HUGE amount of nature to check out, from 20 minutes away to merely an hour away — that’s one of the only things that makes me able to live here, actually!

  3. Within a couple of hours or less from L.A. there is breathtaking scenery, and there are plenty of places much, much closer that make me feel like I’m somewhere else completely (just letting people know that L.A. absolutely has at least some merit in that regard). It’s not like Denver, of course, but almost all huge major cities in the U.S. are not in the middle of a giant mountain range like Denver is with hundreds of miles of openness accessible by a short drive, (even San Francisco, Portland, etc); so Denver does have that going for it. 🙂

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