What If Global Warming/Climate Change Really Is Just A Myth?


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What if the skeptics and some right-wingers are correct in that global warming is a myth and while the earth may be getting a few degrees warmer over the next couple of years, it is nothing to worry about? It’s just natural and things will turn around eventually? Could it be that we have been duped into thinking that climate change is a real event as a means to scare the crap out of us? What if the facts about global warming are just made up?

Sure, I suppose it could be all a ruse to get us worried about yet another catastrophic event that might take us out – like terrorism or H1N1. It could be a story made up by certain individuals to help them make money. It could be from a number of sources. It could be coming from me on a daily basis.

But you know what? I wouldn’t care. Because the underlying message behind the movement is that we need to clean up our act. Fast. We need to stop polluting and filling our atmosphere with toxic gases. We need to start using the energy of the sun (which delivers enough energy in one minute to supply the world’s energy needs for one year) to power our ridiculously huge McMansions, our backyard Olympic sized swimming pools, and the outdoor lights we leave on all night to keep away the “bad guys”. We need electric cars that can work for most people and can be “refueled” in ten minutes.

I wouldn’t care if global warming was a hoax. Because it is making people move, to think about it, to do something – people are starting to take an interest in the environment around them. They are starting to see that maybe it is not such a good thing to buy that giant house, spend thousands to heat and air condition it, and drive to work by themselves in a giant 8-seater truck. Or to feed their kids food that was covered in pesticide just a few short days before it arrived in the home. Or to toss everything in the trash to be taken away when in fact there is no such thing as “away”. In case anyone forgot, we live here – there isn’t anywhere else we can go once we deplete all that this planet has to offer us.

Let them keep scaring people with it if it is not real. Let me keep scaring people if it’s not real. People are getting it now, the earth is important; it is the only place we have to live and we have to take care of it. Breathing in noxious fumes from coal-fired power plants is not a good idea, so why don’t we clean them up?

Even if it is a hoax, cleaning up our act is the right thing to do. Next time someone tells you that global warming is a myth, just tell them that.

Besides, science says it is happening…

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying this so well.

    Whether or not global warming is real or human-caused is irrelevant to the core problem that our current civilization’s path is simply unsustainable.

    It is a fact that there are over 6 billion people on this planet and there simply aren’t enough resources for everyone to eat Big Macs and drive SUVs. Something absolutely has to change and, if we don’t choose the path we are going to take to make that change, it will be chosen for us.

    This is a terrific post and points out something that most people miss in the “debate” over global warming.

  2. Over the past two weeks, this particular blog post could possibly be the most intelligent thing I have read pertaining to climate change and the “Climategate” scandal. THANK YOU.

  3. Unfortunately, Dave, that isn’t going to happen willingly. By the time people do anything willingly it will be far too late, so something does in fact need to be “forced” on us now. It’s amazing to me that people are willing to pay taxes to kill other humans in far away lands, but scream when asked to pay a tax that could save the human race. We’ve got it all wrong.

  4. I have mentioned Story of Stuff many, many times on the site.

    And again, without some people being told what to do, nothing will get done. Humans are notorious for ignoring their own peril until it is too late.

  5. Like Y2K, when people started to drastically change their lives to be more in line with nature. As soon as it was a falsehood, they all sadly went back to their old ways.

    We need to be living with the planet, not against it.

  6. Good points, but you drastically underestimate the consequences of this being a hoax for “people to make money”. Remember, the same applies for things like “war”. Our so-called leaders make stuff up to go to war, a select few people profit from it, We the People (and our children) pay the bill. And, while the powers-that-be enjoy their highfalutin lifestyles, our country goes bankrupt.

    The real problem is that this is turning into yet another opportunity for our government to take more control of our lives, and tax the shit out of us in the process. And, our government’s track record of managing major initiatives is hardly commendable. In fact, following the money usually uncovers wide-spread corruption, and self-serving hypocrites, like Al Gore.

    Do we need to clean up our act? Absolutely. But, it must come from the heart of all citizens, and not from dictatorial orders passed down from our legislators.

  7. I would love to see ALL people concerned about the planet, but people are basically self-centered. They will change when it affects them in a tangible way. All the information in the world is not going to change them.

    When gas went up to $4.50, sales of SUVs went down, sales of small efficient cars went up. Gas went under $2, SUV sales went back up. As much as I want to believe that people are good, fair and caring, I see by their actions that they aren’t.

    The countries where sustainability and energy efficiency are successful are where laws are in place. I absolutely agree with you that our country’s record at regulating stinks, but I don’t see the average person voluntarily ‘going green.’ People in my own circle of friends just plain are not interested. It blows me away! I spend a lot of time educating them. That’s sad.

    I’m torn. I see both sides.

    A lot of people made a lot of money off of Y2K. Who’s to say that wasn’t planned?

  8. Let me repeat: Our government is incompetent. And, corrupt. Leaving things to them to sort things out will only lead to more corruption, more taxes, and zero real accomplishment. Already, a “Green Industrial Complex” lobby is taking control of our politicians, not so much to clean up the pollution, but to profit from so-called “stimulus” money and tax dollars. This is no different than the “Military Industrial Complex” and “Medical Industrial Complex” lobbying bodies. They’re PR machines rule supreme, leading the very-gullible public to believe that they are doing good, but the reality is much different. We are at perpetual war (not peace), and we have become a society totally dependent on useless, and often poisonous, drugs and chemical substances.

    So, to suggest that we can rely on “government regulation” to fix things is laughable. While the people take a beating, bozos such as Al Gore and most other politicians (who move on to become lobbyists) profit, while flying their private jets from mansion to mansion, looking down at all the little people. If we are going to rely on these crooks to dictate how we are to live, it’s about time we start demanding that they practice what they preach, and commit to the same sacrifices that “we” have to make. Otherwise, it’ll never work, not within the “confines” of a free society.

    In the mean time, it doesn’t hurt to keep talking to your friends and family, and to live by example. In fact, you can start by sharing this link with others: http://www.storyofstuff.com

  9. Yes, very well said. I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while now and have also realized that I could care less if turned out to be a hoax. Once you’re made aware of your impact there’s no turning back really, at least for me.

  10. In general, I ignore everything related to climate change because I truly believe it doesn’t matter.

    As some other commenters have mentioned, people are generally self serving.

    Be it for better or worse, it’s how we are.

    I try to get people to focus on doing things that will directly benefit their own environment.

    When you can get someone to worry about their own back yard, it doesn’t really matter if climate change is real or not.

    If it is, their efforts at home will contribute to solving the problem.

    If it isn’t, well, they’re still doing good by the earth to take care of their own space.

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