What To Do With Old Candle Stubs And Wax

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With both winter and the holiday season upon us, I would imagine there are a ton of people burning candles in their homes right now. While I 100% recommend you only burn eco-friendly candles to keep those toxic fumes away from you and your loved ones, at some point your candles are going to burn down to a stub — but don’t throw them away just yet! Those candle stubs can still live on in your home, and here are some handy ways to reuse them before you toss them in the trash.

  • Rub a light-colored candle over an address on a package/letter you are sending to waterproof it.
  • Make new candles! By putting all the stubs in a double-boiler and heating them up, you can make new multi-colored candles. Pour the liquid wax into a glass jar and add a wick – voila, a new candle.
  • Collect a whole bunch of candle stubs and put them on Ebay or Freecycle for people looking to make their own candles.

  • Use candle wax in place of graphite. Sticky drawer? Rub some wax on the runners and it should work more smoothly.
  • Seal a Christmas card the old-fashioned way with a drop of candle wax over the envelope fold.
  • Melt them down and pour them into egg cartons with pinecones to make fire starters.
  • Fix a creaky door by rubbing candle wax on the hinges.

What could you add to the list? Is there anything you use old candle stubs for around the house? Let us know!

Photo by Peter Becker

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