When Green Becomes Standard And We No Longer Notice It.

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That’s the day I am waiting for. With everyone from petroleum companies to auto manufacturers to Dow Chemical proclaiming to be green, I cannot wait for the day when things are actually green by nature and not just a marketing gimmick. When all toilet paper is made from recycled content and all cleaning supplies are really natural, that is the day when all of this new found concern about the environment will have made a real difference. Sure, everyone doing their small part does make a difference, but when green becomes standard it will be a good day.

Perusing the Sunday paper this weekend, I flipped through an ad for Target and for the grocery store. How many environmentally friendly products were listed in those ads? Barely any. Instead of natural cleaners, Target promotes Chlorox bleach and Windex. Instead of ads for organic and natural foods, the grocery store has ads and coupons for Cheetos, Frosted Flakes and lunch packs filled with cookies, processed cheese and a Snickers bar. Why is this? Why can they not promote the healthy stuff and only the unhealthy stuff? I know the companies have special deal with these stores to have their products in the Sunday circulars, but where is Seventh Generation? Method? Organic food makers?

The only way to get people to start using natural products and eating organic foods is to put it in front of them as much as possible. Most people just go to the store and pick up the regular toilet paper, the cheapest breast of chicken, the biggest bottle of chemical filled laundry soap. Why should we expect them to buy the better alternative if they are not promoted? The bad stuff is cheaper, advertised every 3 minutes on television, there are coupons in every paper for them, and they are displayed front and center in the store. Of course the average consumer is going to pick up Tide, Windex, Cheetos or Snickers bars…it’s what they know! That’s why it is so important to start advertising/discounting the more healthy alternatives.

I am looking forward to the day when it is a no-brainer to pick up the Method dish soap instead of the Dawn dish soap. To pick up the Seventh Generation laundry soap instead of the Tide laundry soap. To grab the giant package of toilet paper made from recycled content instead of the paper made from virgin clear cut forests. To buy organic and natural foods instead of the processed chemical-laced foods.

When we no longer notice a product as green but rather it just is green. That is the day I am looking forward to.

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