Where Does Earth Fit in The Universe?


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Moving on from the eensy teensy quantum world to the humungous Universe now. This fantastic video will give you a perspective on where our planet fits in the grand scheme of things.

This is the perfect video to help you remember that we are a tiny part of a massive picture. It can help chop your day to day problems down to size.

When we feel overwhelmed by the destruction that we are witnessing here on Earth, it is interesting to remember our insignificance. It could be useful for those that call the shots down here environmentally to remember that we are a treading a fine line. The balance is beginning to tip the wrong way!

Take 209 seconds to enjoy this tour of our Universe!

Did you get that?

  • The distance from Earth to the moon is 4,392 kms.
  • You can fit all of the planets in our solar system into that gap.
  • The sun is 1,400,000 kms in diameter.
  • Arcturus (another sun) is 16,000 times larger than ours!
  • Alpha Scorpii A (another sun) is 690,000,000 times larger than ours!
  • VY Canis Majoris (yet another sun) is 2.9 billion times larger than ours!
  • Our galaxy The Milky Way is 100,000 light years wide
  • That is equivalent to 950,000,000,000,000,000 kms.
  • IC1011 is 6,000,000 light years wide!

Try to remember these mind blowing  facts when your problems are looming overhead.

On a separate note, it is hard for me to believe that with all of these gigantic galaxies that there are no other planets inhabited with life. We surely can’t be the only ones lucky enough……what do you think?

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  1. Thank you. Enjoyed this very much. Makes our little differences on the planet insignificant. Glad we’re very close to the tipping point in this shift. Here we go! lols!

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