Where To Find Cheap Or Free Reusable Bags.


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While I am glad to see that more and more people are getting on the “no more plastic bags” bandwagon, it bothers me that some people actually pay hundreds of dollars for bags just to go grocery shopping with! In reality, there is no need to spend more than a few bucks at most for reusable bags, if even that much. Here are some great places where you can get free or cheap bags to carry with you to the grocery store:

IKEA – Their bags cost $1.00 I think, and they are huge!

Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc. – They sell their cotton bags for a few bucks and the last forever. Plus, you can throw them in the washing machine!

Garage Sales – Take a tour through the neighborhood garage sales one weekend and you can be sure you will find bags for sale from conventions, trips, etc for mere nickels.

Flea Markets – The big Flea Market at The Rose Bowl has hundreds of vendors charging as little as $.50 for cotton reusable bags.

Reuseit.com – These guys are great…they sell all sorts and sizes of reasonably priced reusable bags.

Contests and Giveaway booths – If you hit up a local fair or street mart, oftentimes companies are giving away sturdy bags with their logo on them. Just a few weeks ago I got a “Solar Santa Monica” bag at the Farmer’s Market!

Visit Chinatown in your city – In downtown L.A., there are hundreds of stores selling lots of bags for very cheap.

Envirosax.com – Nice bags, nice designs, reasonable prices. Plus, they come in organic hemp and linen!

While I can appreciate that people want a “nice” bag to take to the grocery store, buying an expensive designer bag to carry groceries in doesn’t make much sense to me. I understand wanting to impress people sometimes, but it’s just for groceries! Really, the best kind of bag to buy/pick up is one that was made and used for something else, that way no new bags have to be made. But if you must have a new/nice looking bag, there are plenty of options out there that won’t run you $400!

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  1. Don’t forget thrift stores! We get all of our bags from local thrift shops. Cheap, keeps extra materials from entering the waste stream, and supports a good cause.

  2. Hello Good human! 🙂 I also like Eco-bags.. I got the system and it works well.. Grocery stores are also starting to sell bags to minimize the plastic consumption.. great list though and very good point.

  3. Great ideas — I was thinking I was going to have to go invest in reusable grocery bags, but there are tons of nice bags at garage sales or thrift stores. I just bought an LL Bean tote at a garage sale for $.50 — that would be a great grocery bag….

  4. very insightful thank you!

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