Which company should you buy gasoline from?


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Although a lot of us hate to do so, the fact remains that we have to buy gasoline on a regular basis. Until the car makers come up with the ultimate plug in car, this is the only way we can get around outside of our own neighborhood. But which company should you buy gasoline from? Which company is “less bad” than the others? Well, The Sierra Club has a great article up titled “Pick Your Poison” that outlines which companies you should be buying gas from when you need it. They are as follows:

Bottom of the Barrel

* ExxonMobil
* ConocoPhillips

Middle of the Barrel

* Royal Dutch Shell
* Chevron
* Valero Energy Corporation
* Citgo

Top of the Barrel

* BP
* Sunoco

How did they come up with this list? By looking at each company’s environmental record, their relationships with other countries and their respective governments, and their “green” initiatives. Go check out the list at The Sierra Club and what their findings were before you head out to fill up your tank!

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