Who Are We? Why Are We Here? – A Discussion of Collective Evolution (Video)

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Last week I wrote an article after watching a documentary, The Collective Evolution. This post discusses part two,  Collective Evolution II – The Human Experience, which you can view below. It is a fascinating exploration into the questions ‘Who are we?‘ and ‘Why are we here?

The documentary is based on the theory that we are all one united field of consciousness, engaging in a human experience of our own choosing, here on the planet that we have constructed to enable this experience. This is not a new concept, many people consider this to be the case. The interesting thing about this video is that it explains in depth why we do not remember our true selves and what we can do to continue our evolution.

What Are Souls?

Considering that we are interconnected consciousness, with infinite potentiality and unlimited possibility, why are we stuck on this rock circling the sun, getting fat and sick? The argument given here is that we have chosen to experience a challenging set of circumstances in order to become experientially rich. Souls are individual portions of the infinite consciousness that drive the vehicles of their choosing, in the playground that they felt would teach them the most about themselves.

“You are the awareness of this moment. Everything that you experience is not you. You are the nothingness that is aware of the everythingness. Be what you are”. ~ Michael Jeffreys

Confusing and paradoxical maybe! What this quote is conveying is that we are the silence behind the thoughts in our mind. We are the observer. We are asked to consider the possibility that we are only here, living this life in order to play, learn and become enlightened. Each soul gains more and more knowledge and experience with every journey that it chooses to take in life – through different parents, as part of different cultures, speaking different languages, with various abilities. Some lives are far more intense, with serious levels of suffering. We might ask therefore why would we ever knowingly choose a life like that. The documentary answers that the soul is neutral and non judgemental. Experiences are not considered good or bad by the soul, only the mind can do that.

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  1. Earth is the school. If we can do Earth, we can do anything. Ground zero Earth. It’s game time on Earth now, that’s all I know and what a ride this is. Wait till 2016. omg.

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