So Who Opposes The Labeling Of Genetically Modified Foods? The Answer May Surprise You.

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Coming to the polls this November in California, voters will decide for themselves if food that has been genetically engineered or modified should be labeled on store shelves. Proposition 37 will mandate these labels and unsurprisingly there are many corporations fighting against it ever passing into law. So who opposes the labeling of genetically modified foods?

Leading the way is Monsanto, who has thrown an amazing $4 million + into the battle. We kind of expected that. But did you know that some of your favorite “natural” brands are also against the labeling of genetically modified foods? Yep, not kidding.

Naked Juice. Honest Tea. Odwalla. Kashi. Silk. LaraBar. These companies, many of which pride themselves on selling organic products, are against the public actually knowing what is in the foods that they consume. This is what happens when big conglomerates buy out organic brands to give them some street cred: our favorite brands turn into exactly what they used to fight against.

Thankfully, The Cornucopia Institute has put together a handy-dandy guide to what’s what. Here’s a look at what brands are against Prop 37 and just how much money they are spending to keep it from passing. On the flip side, you can also check out what brands are in support of Prop 37 and do your part by supporting them in return.

genetically modified foods

Please make your voice heard by signing the petition on the Cornucopia website. Tell the corporate players opposing your right to know what’s in your food that if they want your business, they can’t sell-out organic values.

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