Whole Foods, Organic Valley, and Stonyfield Farm Surrender To Monsanto


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This is so very, very sad. Via Organic Consumers Association

In the wake of a 12-year battle to keep Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered (GE) crops from contaminating the nation’s 25,000 organic farms and ranches, America’s organic consumers and producers are facing betrayal. A self-appointed cabal of the Organic Elite, spearheaded by Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, and Stonyfield Farm, has decided it’s time to surrender to Monsanto. Top executives from these companies have publicly admitted that they no longer oppose the mass commercialization of GE crops, such as Monsanto’s controversial Roundup Ready alfalfa, and are prepared to sit down and cut a deal for “coexistence” with Monsanto and USDA biotech cheerleader Tom Vilsack.

Is this the end of organic foods on a large scale, meaning we really will have to go back to small local farms for our food? It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing…

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  1. I feel absolutely sick about this. It won’t take long before all agricultural land is contaminated with this stuff. Winds will make it happen. I don’t think small farms will escape.

    And everyone out there who still gives to the Nature Conservancy (including me until recently) STOP! They get enough money from Monsanto.

  2. Really? We need to round up all the “David’s” and go after this “Goliath”. Sad doesn’t even begin to describe what our world will soon be like 🙁

  3. @Charlene – could you elaborate on why Nature Consevancy should not be supported? If Monsanto gives to them, I don’t understand why that make Nature Conservancy bad.

  4. No F-ing way will I still support these companies if they negotiate a deal with Monsanto. They don’t thoroughly test their plants before releasing them into the wild. This is against EVERY principle a true genetic engineer has. As a scientist, I’ve devoted my life to genetic research, and refuse to support the practices of Monsanto. They are not safe, and should never be approved by the FDA.

  5. WHAT?!?! I grew up with Stonyfield. They had “go-yogurt” before whatever they called it. WTF, I never thought this would happen. I’m not opposed to GM food, I think there can be scientific advancements for food. But stooping to allow a huge corporation dominate the field of production, in the one area where we CANNOT have a monopoly, and one that allows a significantly smaller number of different genes… this is bad. Wither it happens in decades or centuries, we cannot let our food supply become weaker by making the crops more and more genetically similar.

  6. Does anyone know where our voices can be heard at the right level to challenge this decision? If so, I’d sure like to know how to leverage with grassroots folks who align against GMO.

    1. That would be a funny comment if it was based in fact. I have publicly asked both companies to 100% deny that article and say it is entirely false. Thus far they have both declined to do so.

      Please do your homework before regurgitating company talking points.

  7. Then I guess we will be seeing a libel suit against the people who wrote the article, correct? I mean, if its untrue and now taken over the internet. Will be waiting to see that lawsuit.

    This story is EVERYWHERE, and yet the 3 companies named in it just keep releasing the same rehashed PR stories. We don’t want the story to be true – but until we see you stand up strongly against this supposedly 100% false and incorrect article, we all have our doubts. Just look at Twitter – its everywhere and all people get from you are random well worded but not clear press releases.

  8. I would take you all more seriously if you didn’t just release PR double-speak and address your paying customers who have been helping to keep you in business all these years and feel let down by the story and the “explanation”. I can’t believe that entire story is false since no one is getting sued for writing it.

  9. Here’s another perspective on the USDA’s approval of GE Alfalfa. I find this version of events to be much more believable than Ronnie Cumins’ from the OCA.

    Hopefully, David, this info will help you better understand what happened at the USDA. You should also know that suing someone isn’t always the best way to remedy a wrong. Even if a suit is winnable, I have to think there would be plenty of negative publicity along with a suit against the Organic Consumer Association. It would seem to also go against OV’s comments about working together. So, I’d be very surprised if they decided to go that route.

  10. I would also like to see this question answered. All I could find was confirmed allergic reactions and conflicting results about a whole lot of other things.

    In my view there is not yet enough research on the subject, and therefore we should avoid using GMO products until a scientific consensus is reached. To me GMO-foods seem very unnecessary. I don’t see any need for them, as humans have done pretty well without them.

    But if someone could answer the question, I’d appreciate it.

  11. There is NO benefit to humans. Zero. The benefit is to Monsanto who gets a royalty payment off of every crop. And if they contaminate yours with their pollen, you pay THEM. Check it out. This isn’t 1984 nonsense. It’s true. This is a total cave-in by our USDA to the business interests of Monsanto. Period. GMO crops have no value to anyone but the corporation that makes billions off of them. They require more pesticides and that alone has made countless farm workers sick just harvesting them. The issues are deep and the outrage we should be feeling is enormous.

  12. Isn’t it a violation of human rights to force products unto consumers without letting them know what they are purchasing? Why hasn’t anything been done regarding labeling GMOs? Is that working for Europeans? Or is it just that “making less money than we used to is just not acceptable”? How much money is too much money? How unsustainable is too want to make more money with very limited resources?
    Please someone educate me on if anything is happening regarding changing the labeling issue! Companies have to list the ingredients in their food yet they don’t have to let us if it’s natural or GM? URGH!

  13. I’ve been saying it for a couple of years and I’ll say it again: Within a few more years, there’ll be NO real food left! This is the largest human experiment in history and it will have a very bad ending!

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