Whole Foods To End The Use Of Plastic Bags.


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And it’s about time! I always wondered why they still allowed them, never mind allowing customers to ask for “paper and plastic, please”, which I have seen several times in there. We bring our own bags, but I am glad to see Whole Foods doing the right thing here and getting rid of their plastic bags. From ENN:

Whole Foods Market Inc said on Tuesday that it will aim to end the use of disposable plastic grocery bags in all of its 270 U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom stores by April 22, Earth Day. The grocer, which features natural and organic foods, said it hoped shoppers would bring their own reusable bags, but it would offer 100 percent recycled paper grocery bags when needed.

Thank you Whole Foods!

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  1. Isn’t that disturbing Maria? I see it all the time, and I make a point of saying “I don’t need a bag, thanks, it’s just wasteful” loud enough for the person in front of me to hear me. It’s quite fun. 🙂

  2. my husband just pointed out that reusable bags are free advertising for whole foods (or trader joes, or whatever grocery store you buy your reusable bags from). good for them for making a smart decision.

    also, i was totally disappointed the other day at the supermarket when i happened to be stuck without my reusable bags. they automatically give you plastic bags, but i made a point of asking for paper. what did the cashier do? she gave me paper bags, INSIDE of plastic ones. *sigh*

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