Why everything should be solar powered.


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Ok, so maybe not everything. I wouldn’t want someone on life support to be dependent on a solar panel on the roof to keep him or her alive. But there are a lot of things in this world that could be powered for no cost at all except for the initial solar equipment. Out here in California, it is sunny almost all the time. Granted, sometimes its hard to see the sun through the brown air, but we should have tons of stuff being powered by solar power! I mean, if traffic lights in Rwanda (see article here ) can be powered by solar cells, why arent they here? RWANDA! In Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California and Nevada the sun shines an awful lot….all these states could run traffic lights, street lights, contruction signs, our Amber Alert signs on the freeways, etc. The list goes on and on. But yet, we continue to depend on fossil fuels for everything, when the sun could be doing it for free and with no ill effects on the environment.

Anyone know why the money has not been invested in a solar infrastructure? I would be interested in finding out why Rawanda can have solar powered traffic lights but states in the U.S. do not. Before people jump down my throat, I am sure that there are SOME places that do have solar powered equipment…but it should be everywhere by now!

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  1. Goodness knows we could use solar powered street lights here in New Orleans, what with the power infrastructure still not always working properly yet…Street lights will work one day and not the next. Unfortunately, I doubt the city has the money or time to bother changing all of the streetlights to solar energy.

  2. You do? Thats great, they should be everywhere.

    Hope things are getting a little better for you all down there…I am sure it will take a long time.

  3. This is a good chance for New Orleans to overhaul its power infrastructure, but like you, I think it’s more likely they’ll stick to the tried and tested. I’m crossing my fingers though. I hope things are going okay over there, regardless. =)

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