Why Not Admit Climate Change Is Real?


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Whether it is the fault of SUV drivers, hippies, cats and dogs, space travel or air conditioning, there is a consensus that climate change IS happening…so why are some so adamant that it isn’t? The global warming debate is no longer a debate – it is fact.

Every day in the newspaper or on the television, there is someone somewhere speaking out against all the “loonies” who believe that we humans and our activities are causing climate change. Fox News seemingly does it every day, and now even CNN & MSNBC have guests on the air talking about how climate change is not happening and is just a myth. But WHY are they saying something that is so inherently false? Taking care of the earth is not a partisan or social issue; it is a human issue and the fact is that the earth is getting warmer, storms are becoming more fierce, our water and air are getting dirtier, and our foods are more laden with pesticides, why should we not care? What is it about these people that make them want to get on the air or in print and say it’s not happening, that we are all crazy, and humans couldn’t possibly be doing anything to harm the planet?


I do what I can, and I hope I inspire my readers to do the things that they are capable of doing. Not many of us can go live off the grid in a cave and hope for the best; we must do what we can. If climate change is only a natural cycle as these people are saying, then what is the harm in trying to at least stop the damage we are doing to the planet on a daily basis? In case they skipped out on history or geography class, entire species were wiped out the last several times world temperatures changed radically. Sure, it was not the fault of humans then, but the vast majority of scientists are saying that this time it is our own fault. At least the acceleration of it is…so I do not see the harm in working to try to prevent it from happening again. What are they so afraid of? Why is Al Gore and James Hansen so dastardly for trying to encourage us to be more thoughtful of the world around us?

So the next time someone accuses you of being a crazy environmentalist for wanting to put CFL or LED light bulbs in your house, ask them what the harm is (and remind them how much less your electric bill is than theirs). When they question your choice of organic foods, fair trade clothing or sustainable building, ask them why they are so against someone doing their part to help take care of the only earth we have. For me, I would love to know the reasons, as I have not been able to figure it out yet. The obvious reason for some of these people is that they have ties and/or are getting paid by oil and chemical companies to spout their garbage. That’s nice…make a paycheck at the expense of the 6.5 billion people living together on this planet. I have no idea how some of these people can live with themselves on a day to day basis. I want a clean planet. I want to eat food free of pesticides and chemicals.

I want the sky to be blue. I do not want my grandchildren to live a miserable life because we did not do anything to try to reverse this trend towards a hotter planet. I just do not see the benefit of not doing anything and fighting against any kind of change that will help the rest of us out. So I try to buy clothing made with organic fabrics, does that make me crazy? No, it makes me aware of what I put on my back, of the money that I spend, and considerate of the people that make the goods I buy. Climate change is a real and possibly deadly threat. Instead of downplaying people’s concerns and urging us to buy gas guzzling trucks and fast food for dinner, how about a little common sense. Even if there was absolutely nothing wrong with the planet, don’t you think making the changes that are being encouraged by “green” people everywhere is a good idea?

I sure do.

So next time someone asks you why you are doing X, Y, or Z, be sure to tell them. Don’t hide from them, stand up tall and let them know. It does not even have to be an argument about global warming, politics or money. Just tell them it’s because you care about our planet and you want to see the world clean up it’s act; we have been neglecting it for far too long.

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  1. Excellent piece, David. It’s sad that people believe all that the mainstream media spew. They never question anything anymore. They just absorb what’s in front of them, regardless of the consequences. People don’t care what will happen in the future when their unborn children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are here. They are so me-me-me that, if it affects them directly, they will act. If not, they will keep their heads in the sand. Yes, we all need to be living WITH the planet, not against it, since, after all, we are part of it, too. No one seems to realize that……

  2. Clearly, the people speaking out against climate change are the ones getting paid to do so. It’s in the interest of many corporations for people to NOT believe in climate change.

    Anytime something doesn’t make sense, stop and think about who is benefiting from such a situation. That’s probably your first clue to what’s actually going on.

  3. Thanks for this article, I was just thinking about this very subject today, and I agree to your approach.

    It floors me that people can spew this claptrap in order to maintain the status quo. The people who choose to believe it without doing any research aren’t much better. While they’re not as low on my list as people who deny that the holocaust existed, the ability of people to deny something that has tons of proof because they personally aren’t affected and it suits their own agenda is downright disturbing.

  4. We are letting infotainment rule our lives to the point that we react before thinking about what we are saying.

    I try to take the climate change or green building statement out of the equation. I explain that I want to save money on my utility bills or that I want a healthy home for my family. Typically, they want the same. With that starting point, I can move into a more sensitive topic as a discussion, and not an argument.

  5. Frank, I applaud your desire to lower your utility bills and create a healthier home. Believe me, that’s my business. But those are ME statements, and that is part of the problem getting people to address climate change. The bigger picture needs to be taken into consideration, not just what we want as individuals here and now. There is a big old planet out there and many generations to living on it long after everyone on this thread is gone. That’s what we need to keep in mind, too.

  6. Nan, those are ME statements, but I find it as a way to enter the topic where I can discuss the issue on common ground. If I attempt to speak about the larger picture, I immediately face opposition, then we will never come to the final point. I could state the facts about climate change, but then they will point to figures like Gov. Perry in Texas who dispute the science. So why not start at the common ground to have a discussion rather than a screaming match? If I can talk to them, I am more likely to have them accept the global picture.

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