Why You Should Want To Live A Green Life.


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I am going to say it again – there are plenty of reasons to want to live a green life and absolutely zero not to want to. In fact, I would venture that we could take the word “green” out of the equation and probably get even more people to clean up their act, as folks are getting burnt out on the expression. But with that being said, if you are a human and you are living on our one and only planet, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t want to “go green”, “be sustainable”, or “take responsibility”…at least none that I can think of. Most of the hurdles that used to haunt the environmental movement have been removed – inconvenience, price, style – so most anyone, on any budget, in any city, can start to live a more eco-friendly existence. However, even with all that, some out there are trying to push back against the tide of rising environmentalism for one made up reason or another. So to those people I ask:

Do you not want clean water to drink? Or do you prefer your water polluted with toxic sludge and chemicals?

Do you not want clean air to breathe? Or would you rather your air have the tint of “Goldenrod” from a Crayon box?

Would you not prefer to see your energy come from renewable sources? Or would you rather see it continue to come from dirty, hard-to-get-at oil from shales in Canada?

Do you want your kids to be proud of what you tried to do for them? Or do you want them to wonder whether you cared?

Would you rather your food come from natural, clean, healthy farms? Or from farms where toxic pesticides & fertilizers are used?

Do you want your next car to go 300 miles on a single charge from a rechargeable battery pack? Or do you want archaic car companies to continue to build dinosaurs in the age of technology?

Do you want natural forests and rainforests to still have their place on earth? Or would you prefer to continue to use virgin paper for your toilet paper and paper towels?

Would you rather see health care costs come down and people get healthier? Or would you rather see GMO’s and Frankenfoods continue to make us sick and cost us money?

Is investing in all humans across the globe worth the return we could get on the investment? Or should we continue our dialog of denial and ignore the problems that others face – and then deal with the consequences of said avoidance?

Should we as humans try our best to get away from using toxic products on our skin and in our bodies? Or does the idea of genetic mutation of our genes from chemicals sound better?

Do all species have a right to flourish on earth with our help? Or are we better off making approximately 100 species go extinct each and every day through our actions?

I could go on and on with this…but I think you get the point. Everything that comes from being “green”, if done in the correct way and not by buying into greenwashing, press releases, and ridiculous marketing of products we have no use for, only benefits us as a planet and as a people. In fact, each and every thing we do benefits all other people on earth in some way. We are all in this together, so if the reasons above are not enough for you, do it for your fellow humans and animals. The payback is bigger than you could possibly imagine…

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  1. If those aren’t enough reason you could add that you end up fitter from walking or cycling, have better relationships because you take time making food together, get to know people who don’t judge you by the clothes you wear or the car you drive, learn loty of interesting stuff, have creativity stimulated because you’re thinking out of the box. become more independent as you shed junk from your life, and feel more fulfilled because you are doing something good and making a difference…

  2. Very well said. Since our family has started living a greener life, life as a whole has drastically improved. Not to meantion our wallets are doing much better as well.

  3. A part of the challenge, I think, is that so many people just don’t see those risks as real, no matter how much evidence you show them. They can get what they want now and don’t see the side effects, so there’s no motivation to change. Their own good x years down the line doesn’t matter to them, nor that of future generations.

    Shortsighted, yes, but that’s how a lot of people are. But it’s a battle worth fighting.

  4. It is unwise, in my opinion, to mess with what happens naturally. Sorry, I stand by my dismissal of GMO’s, as does most everyone who is concerned about their effect on the earth and on the inside of our bodies.

  5. I am an avid reader of your articles, but I’m disappointed by your quick dismissal of GMOs as ungreen. Biotechnology plays an important role in increasing the efficiency of not only agriculture, but also medicine and many other fields. It is unwise to treat them as something that must be categorically avoided.

  6. I think the same…
    sometimes people don`t want to live in a green place because they preffer to live in a modern place but they don`t know what the price is!……..

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