Witness For Wildlife: Join A Volunteer Citizen Naturalist Community.

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I was just sent an email from one of my favorite companies, Patagonia, about this Witness for Wildlife (W4W) program. It is a citizen naturalist community “dedicated to chronicling and protecting North America’s wildlife corridors”. A program of Freedom to Roam, a group assembled to protect wildlife corridors in North America, is set to debut late this Spring – and they are looking for new members to sign up and help protect wildlife and their corridors. Some of the things they are planning for the official launch include:

  • access to corridor and wildlife information, maps and stories via the Corridor Commons initiative
  • sponsored conservation trips in wildlife corridors across North America
  • citizen naturalists generated wildlife corridor field observations, reports and stories
  • training and grassroots networking opportunities

Wildlife corridors are pathways that allow regular travel, seasonal migration or population dispersal of different species. Without healthy corridors, species are unable to migrate, move, find food, reproduce or effectively adapt to a warming planet, habitat fragmentation or human development.

This new program inspires us to take trips into wildlife corridors to hike and climb and paddle and camp, so we can be a witness to the wonders of nature and the importance of connected habitat. You can sign up today to join the community of citizen naturalists, to share stories, images, and video from your trips, and to learn how to take action to protect critical corridors. I am going to add my name today so when I go hiking here in Colorado I can report back what I see – wanna join me?

Witness for Wildlife

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