Would You Buy A Smart ForTwo For $11,590?


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With all the other small cars on the market for few more thousand dollars (Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris), would you be interested in buying a Smart Car for almost $12,000? As much as I was excited when I learned these were coming to the States, now that I have found out the price, I am not so thrilled. Is it cool? Yes. Does it get good gas mileage? Yes. Does it fit more than 2 people? No.

Honestly, I think they should have gone for a lower price on this one. I would have loved to have bought one as an in-town ride for cheap, but at $12,000, they kinda lost me. What do you think?

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  1. i would pay 12k if it held 4 people… but for 12 k I can get a used (yay for used) honda civic. Sure it runs on gas, but the mileage is good, it goes farther, holds more people and did I mention USED? as in not adding to the waste stream?

    I would pay 8k or 9k for a two seater electric. Especially if I get a tax break for it being a green alternative.

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