Would You Buy Milk In A Biodegradable Box?


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I mean truly biodegradable, as in made from a cardboard outer box made from pulped recycled cardboard and a biodegradable plastic inner liner made from corn starch. Would you be interested in buying your milk this way? I know most people probably recycle their plastic milk jugs, but this is an even better solution from Green Bottle. Once the bottle is used, the liner is removed and the bag can be disposed of in the general rubbish where it will decompose. The cardboard box exterior can be recycled like paper, and if not recycled, the whole bottle will compost at a landfill. Pretty nifty, no? Right now it seems to only be in the UK, but hopefully this technology will be here in the U.S. soon.

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  1. It sounds like an okay idea, but seems unnecessary to me. I buy my milk in glass bottles. As is true for most people who buy this way, I paid a bottle deposit the first time and now return a clean empty bottle in exchange for a full bottle each time.

  2. While that sounds like a great idea Diana, not everyone has access to milk in glass bottles. I wish we all did though!

  3. I hope they use this packaging for smaller containers of milk- right now we don’t use much milk and so the quarts and half gallons we buy dont’ come in the easy to recycle plastic jugs, but in cartons instead. I’m not sure if they can technically be recycled, but I know where I live I can’t recycle them and I feel terrible tossing them in the trash each week.

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