Zipcar Has Gone And Pissed Off Quite A Few People Now With The Flexcar Takeover.


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Remember back when I wrote about Zipcar removing all the cars in my neighborhood? Well, it looks like people are worried it might start happening in other cities too, and people are not too happy about it. First up, this is the email I got from them when I complained and closed my account:

We do apologize for any inconvenice for the decision to remove the vehicles in the Santa Monica area has caused you. I do see that you have closed your account, and this will be closed as of midnight tonight. As stated in the email that you received, all members who have paid an annual fee in the past nine months will be refunded this amount. You have not been charged any amount since transitioning, and your balance is $0.00. This was a hard decision for us, and we understand it may present significant inconvenience for you. Again, we do apologize for this.

I got that email back on January 18th, and I still have not been refunded my money yet. I have sent a notice to the Better Business Bureau complaining of such, and Zipcar has refused to reply to any of my emails. The response above was the last email I got. Isn’t that last sentence a gem? This was a hard decision for us, and we understand it may present significant inconvenience for you. Again, we do apologize for this. “May present significant inconvenience for you”? Um, yea, you removed mine and a lot of other people’s mode of transportation from all over Los Angeles. It is pretty inconvenient. So what is happening in other parts of the country? Well, up in Portland, OR, there is a good discussion going on at Metroblogging Portland, titled “Flexcar to Zipcar merger not going well”. You have to check out some of the comments for an entertaining read; this is one of my favorites – “Oh no! We just joined Flexcar..” – me too, my friend. Here are stories from blogdowntown, the Daily Trojan about the gigantic price hike and removal of some of the cars for students at USC, one from the LA Times, and yet another at Jalopnik.

Overall I would say that Zipcar screwed up a perfectly good system here in Los Angeles, and their customer service leaves something to be desired. People are not happy about this…even though I did not give up my car because of Flexcar, it sure made the choice easier, as it did for many people around my area and in downtown LA. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job in the takeover!

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  1. You’re far from the first and further from the last. HGS on 5515 W War Memorial Dr in Peoria Il 61615 who handles the communication and decisions for Zipcar and Zipcar tells them what to do. If you also noticed Zipcar doesn’t want you to call the local office anymore. If you goto the bottom of the page you will see they deleted the local office number. And if you look on the Better Business Bureau site they have a D- rating especially for what you described. If you have twitter you will see even more complaints @zipcar.

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