The Realities Of Buying And Living In Container Homes

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The plus side is that they are very mobile. You can have them delivered wherever you need them, and depending on the design, they can be literally portable. Providing you put them on the back of a trailer rather than a chopper, this should be a realistic thing to do.

Designers and architects have proven that they can transform the limited space almost magically into anything you need. You could use one as an office, bedroom, spa…. or entire home.

The size means that you are restricted in choices of furniture, but this doesn’t have to be a deal breaker by any means. Take a look around this example to see how it can work.

They are a practical choice of homes to be used in densely populated or lower income areas – with containers used as stackable apartments. Amsterdam is home to the ‘largest container city in the world’ which has been built for 1,000 students. The units are said to be very comfortable, with a balcony, bathroom, kitchen, sleeping room, study room and large windows in each.  The rent is  €450 a month, making them far cheaper than most other options in the area. One resident, Ader, had his doubts at first, but told the Guardian:


“There aren’t many disadvantages. I myself wouldn’t want to share with my girlfriend – the container is a bit too small for that, although we do have some couples living here and they’re happy. I think this kind of housing works best for single people who need something a little bit cheaper.”

Some people choose to use containers as a second, secret home in the woods, and this has led to questions around their security. Is it safe to leave them for months at a time?

Well, as containers, they are designed to be air tight and impenetrable. Obviously when parts are removed this reduces the overall security – but when doors and windows are fitted, the container home would be just as secure as a traditional home – with the added benefit of the shipping container door, which can be used to seal it all up.

shipping container apartments
shipping container apartments

A Solution For Homelessness?

Take a look at the following vision of architect Peter DeMaria. He wants to use his extensive experience and knowledge of building container homes as a solution for the 1.6 billion people currently living without adequate housing across the world.


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