A gardener planting green plant in a pot.

How is Organic Gardening Good For You And The Planet?

Emily Wilson

Organic gardening embodies a holistic, eco-friendly approach to cultivating plants, focusing on the use of natural materials and methods to ...

A farmer's hand using a shovel to move soil in a garden.

Sustainable Planting Techniques

Emily Wilson

In today’s eco-conscious world, many gardeners are turning to sustainable planting techniques to nurture their gardens. These methods not only ...

how to use alum for plants

How To Use Alum For Plants: The Green Thumb’s Guide

Emily Wilson

Have you ever looked at your garden and wondered if there’s a secret ingredient to boost plant health and vitality? ...

Solar panel at night

Can Solar Panels Work At Night? Understanding Limitations & Alternatives

Emily Wilson

Have you been considering using solar panels to save on electricity bills and have a more eco-friendly energy source for ...

factory smoke

Are Fossil Fuels Really Bad For The Environment? Separating Fact from Fiction

Emily Wilson

Fossil fuels are a vital energy source, especially in today’s setting. This type of energy belongs to non-renewable resources. It ...

can electronic devices be recycled

Can Electronic Devices Be Recycled? What To Do With E-Waste

Emily Wilson

Cell phones and other electronic devices do not just vanish. They either stay inside homes or in landfills. In the ...

Person wearing gloves holding plastic waste

How to Reduce Microplastics: 5 Simple But Effective Solutions

Emily Wilson

Our oceans and freshwater systems are increasingly being plagued by microplastics – or microscopic plastic particles less than 5 mm ...

Dandelion in a green lawn

How To Get A Healthy Lawn Naturally: 10 Tips That Work

Emily Wilson

Contrary to many claims, having a beautiful lawn does not need frequent applications of synthetic lawn fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides. ...

A small green plant

Houseplants for Kitchen | 10 Best Picks + Plant Care Tips

Emily Wilson

Adding plants to your kitchen space can boost the oxygen levels in the area. They can also improve your creativity, ...

backyard beekeeping for beginners

Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners | Rules, Equipment, & Tips

Emily Wilson

There are many possible reasons why you want to start beekeeping – it could be for the income, its environmental ...

how to reuse glass bottles

How to Reuse Glass Bottles: 14 Ideas for Upcycling Used Bottles

Emily Wilson

A simple glass bottle can take up to a million years to biodegrade properly. Imagine what could happen if people ...

Worm farm setup with person tending to it

How Does Worm Farming Work? Basic Set Up, Tips, & More

Emily Wilson

Worm farming is the best way for you to convert kitchen waste or food scraps into usable garden fertilizers. It ...

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