The Realities Of Buying And Living In Container Homes

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The primary reason people experience homelessness is because they cannot find housing they can afford.


578,424 homeless people in the United States
are people in families
are individuals
are “chronically homeless”
are Veterans


100 million homeless people in world
1.6 billion 
living without adequate housing


The statistics above, combined with our work over the past ten years, have informed our future. Our past client base has been part and parcel to research, development and successful construction of projects utilizing cargo containers. Their bold commitment to pursuing a “how do I want to live” life instead of the “how have I lived” mindset, has paved the way for a nationwide embracing of containers as a viable building block. We are indebted to our past clients and we’ll continue to serve those who commission us to bring excellent solutions to their design challenges. The container “architectural movement” continues and we’re subscribing to even greater design challenges. We have an obligation to utilize our knowledge and design prowess to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible – across the globe. Our developments and design solutions with the ubiquitous container have become the vehicle by which we pursue our vision.

We’re deeply rooted in the genesis of container housing/building solutions. It’s now time for us, and the containers, to fulfill a larger role on the planet. Over the next month, Logical will be introducing it’s most affordable line of building solutions – high design and construction quality at an affordable price point.  Please stay tuned and if you like what you’re reading, join us.


Peter DeMaria AIA,

container home plan
container home plan

Where To Start

If you are starting to feel curious about changing your own reality to include living in a shipping container, then be encouraged by the fact that they are pretty simple to build. They actual process is very quick too. Of course, there is some preparation involved – you would need to have a few things in place before you begin.

  1. Find your container and establish the chemical safety as per the beginning of this article. It is best to start looking locally with your closest ports to reduce your delivery costs.
  2. Procure a plot of land.
  3. Set a suitable foundation – this is usually a simple concrete slab, with steel enforcers that are welded to the container. There are building regulations that would need to be adhered to.
  4. Doors and windows need to be cut using specialist equipment that can handle the extremely thick steel.
  5. Depending on the climate, insulation would need to be installed on the inside and/or sun reflective paint used on the outside. There are many options here that would depend on your budget and location.
  6. Utilities would need to be installed – plumbing and electrics for kitchen, bathroom etc – as per a traditional home.
  7. You will need a weather-proof roof. Of course a shipping container has a lid – but these weren’t designed for much more than storage. You can extend the life of the container by installing a traditional roof. This will also give you a chance to include solar panels and rain capturing systems too.
  8.  Then you can go ahead and decorate to your hearts content!

Of course, if all of this sounds like hard work, you can get someone to do it all for you.

Outsource The DIY

You can buy ready made container homes, or order to your own specification using a number of suppliers easily found online. The following is an example of what you can expect:

Welcome to New Living, the exciting alternative to conventional building methods like bricks and mortar and prefab homes using modular building techniques like shipping container homes. We strive to offer an exciting, affordable and beautiful way of building their homes. We specialise in converting shipping containers, and combining it with light steel framework to come up with creative designs that can be built anywhere.

When you take the big step of building your own home, it’s always comforting to know that you are dealing with a company that can assist you from A – Z. For this reason New Living created a few packaged options which we refer to as Standard Designs. Container homes are perfect for weekend homes, holiday homes, granny flats, work-from-home offices and communal living spaces. These designs can be bought off plan, which makes your decision process easy.  ~ New Living


So there you have it, a complete guide to buying and living in a container home. Maybe we have inspired you to take a look at this new eco-friendly lifestyle for yourself!

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