7 Of The World’s Most Renowned Marine Biologists and What They Achieved


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Marine biology is the study of marine organisms. It involves many aspects of analsying the behaviour and interactions of aquatic plants and animals. There are unsurprisingly, many specialisations in the field.

Considering that 50-80% of Earth’s life-forms are underwater, this is a significant area to research. We know that the vast majority of the planet is under water, so insights into the organisms here can help us to understand the impact they may have on the environment as a whole.

New marine organisms are being discovered at a faster rate than ever before. This has been greatly supported by continuous advances un technology, but there are certain individuals that made huge contributions to the body of knowedge that we now have. Here we take a look at seven of the most renowned marine biologists, identifying the reasons for their well deserved places on this list.

1. Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882)

Charles Darwin is very well known as the man behind the theory of evolution. We typically connect him to apes when we think of his work, but he was in fact an early marine biologist. He studied coral reefs in great depth, and this helped to develop his initial theories behind natural selection and ultimately evolution. His studies were particularly focused on marine invertebrates including plankton and barnacles. His third geological book, completed in 1846 shows his continued interest in the area of marine biology.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. ~ Charles Darwin

2. Rachel Carson (1907 – 1964)

Rachel Carson was an American environmentalist, famous for her eye-opening books, including Silent Spring, The Edge of The Sea and Under The Sea. These works of literature helped to teach the world about the dark future which lay ahead for the planet if changes were not made. As a result, the early environmental movement is largely credited to her.

Rachel’s career began by submitting articles to local newspapers during her studies for her master’s degree in zoology. Rachel showed a real passion for marine biology and her findings fuelled her works on conservation.

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  1. Thanks for compiling this information, I am glad that organizations take note of the sincere work of these people and allowing us to know how we also can be of help. I wish to see Dr. Angel Alcala’s work recognized as well. He has done a lot in my country, the Philippines. He has pioneered the MPA idea that helped delay the death of the Phil. marine life. Honest, self-less work like his do not really get public acknowledgement in this country as we are so impoverished we cannot see beyond our fences.

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