Past-Life Regression Stories, Fact or Fiction?

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It doesn’t matter what you believe in, past life stories are exciting and interesting to listen to. They blow our minds and they don’t make any sense in terms of our normal understanding. We find it difficult to explain logically the occurrences that take place – especially when it comes to children. How do children who are just learning to talk, know about historical details that they have never heard or seen before?

The stories are endless, and we have picked out a few of the most well known here to look at. First let’s cover off some facts about what past-life regression really is.

What is Past-Life Regression?

Past-life regression (PLR) is a separate concept to reincarnation. PLR refers to recalling details, events and people from a previous life lived. It is usually aided through hypnosis and it does, to a certain extent, require belief in a form of reincarnation.

From Where Does it Originate?

Although separate to reincarnation, past life regression can generally be linked to the philosophical or spiritual concept that the soul or spirit can begin a new life in a new body after death. Taken from the Latin word it means “entering the flesh again”.

Reincarnation stems from many different religions but the most notable is Hinduism and the belief of karma. Hindu gods (Devas) are said to have reincarnated. Lord Vishnu is known to have ten incarnations. Hindus believe that the soul is eternal but the physical body keeps dying. The soul takes on other bodies depending on its karmas.shutterstock_16471699

After services in the afterlife, the soul enters the karma and rebirth system and is reborn as an animal, human or divinity. Reincarnation continues until the final release is gained.

Is There a Scientific Explanation for Past-Life Regression?

There are conflicting opinions about the ideas of past-life regression as well as reincarnation. As always, it depends on who you ask whether it is true or not! Sceptics believe that PLR is nothing more than hypnotically induced delusion or confabulation. Confabulation can be defined as memory disturbance or, the production of fabricated, distorted or misinterpreted memories about oneself, or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.

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