Polish And Clean Metal With Common Nontoxic Household Products.

Did you know you might not need to buy toxic specialty cleaners to get the metal items in your house spotless and shiny? Turns out that many common household ingredients can do a fantastic job of polishing up the metal without any chemicals at all. While I highly recommend you try any of these in an inconspicuous spot on your belongings, so as not to accidentally ruin them, they should all be fine. I have tried the toothpaste on silver and the club soda on my sink and they work wonders! Here is a handy list of standard household products you can use to clean your metal goods:

Silver – You can either use toothpaste or make a paste out of baking soda and water.

Chrome – You can rub chrome with aluminum foil dipped in white vinegar.

Pewter – Wash your pewter items in warm soapy water (use biodegradable soap!), rinse, and polish with a clean cotton cloth.

Aluminum – Mix up some cream of tartar and water.

Gold – Toothpaste works best.

Copper and Brass – You can use ketchup, vinegar, or even lemon juice.

Stainless Steel – Clean with a cloth dampened with white vinegar or olive oil. In a stainless sink, you can use club soda.

The more we learn about cleaning the more we realize there just isn’t a need for toxic chemicals to be used around our homes!

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  1. Not sure whether this is considered a “toxic chemical” or not, but cola soft drinks are a great rust remover. I used it for years when I lived near the beach and the sea air would rust everything.


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