Top Cell Phones That Can Charge Themselves

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Imagine a world without wires, a world where we don’t have to look at the battery icon on our cell with panic. Where the question “do you have a phone charger for (insert your model here) please?”

We may have cut the apron strings and be fully functioning adults, but the truth is that we just can’t seem to “cut” the wire! I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that we depend heavily on our cell phone chargers to keep us connected with the world.

We constantly need to charge our cell phones – because it is almost impossible to relax when they are flat. We use our cell phones for everything nowadays, going on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, checking emails, sending instant messages, sms or (this one may seem strange) making a phone call.

cell chargers

Technology plays a huge role in our lives, and it is desirable to keep up with the newest makes and models on the market. The new iPhone, Samsung or Sony make headlines, and result in overnight queues in some cases. 

The good news is that we can expect more than we might have dreamed from these major names! What do you think about devices that can charge themselves?  

This is certainly something that I did not forsee anytime soon.

I mean, how can electronic devices charge themselves without being plugged into an electricity source?

It sounds so impossible, but wouldn’t we all love for this to come true!

Believe it or not, there are various ways that we can charge our beloved electronic devices, without a plug or a wire in sight.


The different techniques have one thing in common – they absorb energy from some sort, for example heat, light or vibrations. That energy is then converted into what they call “electrochemical energy”. This energy is stored in the device’s battery. Unfortunately the energy that is captured is not enough to be practically resourceful.

The good news is though that according to Science Questions with Surprising Answers,

“Intense research is currently underway to make energy capture more efficient, and breakthroughs are beginning to be achieved in this area.”

Wireless Charging

We can already find cell phones that can charge wirelessly on the market, but the charging source does need to plugged in, and, well, charged. This concept, has already made our lives easier. It provides another back-up when the cell’s own battery is finished.

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