What Is Food Share And How Can You Get Involved?

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We can be extremely grateful for many things that modern life has granted us – but one thing is for sure in the Western world, sharing isn’t something that have excelled in as the years have gone by.

We are hungry, greedy consumers – with a craving for an abundance of material and monetary wealth. We want to be bigger and better – especially when compared to our neighbours.

Of course it used to be so different. Mankind was a collection of many communities, spread across the globe. We lived, survived and thrived by working together for the betterment of everyone. Whatever was hunted and gathered was shared equally. Nothing was done to excess. People only took what was really needed and nothing more. If there was a problem, they worked together to solve it.

Plus nothing was hidden by huge factories. Everyone knew exactly how their clothes were made, and the journey that brought the food to their plate. Now it is largely hidden, where the exploitation and wasteful manufacturing can be ignored. We can feign ignorance.

There are very few of examples of true communities in practise today – and the planet is suffering as a result. Most people think only of themselves and their families – and the expectation is to have great choice, great quality and instant gratification. But it is slowly dawning on us that things need to change, as the resources we depend on for survival are starting to dwindle.


According to the WWF, around 1.1 billion people across the globe have zero or limited access to fresh safe water. Plus we are destroying the ocean’s biodiversity by over-fishing and harvesting edibles from the ocean on a large scale. Our need to create more, travel faster, build bigger and conquer more of the natural world, has brought about climate change on a bigger and more erratic scale than it normally would occur.

Food Sharing

Food is an integral part of our lives. Many life events and rituals, including births, deaths, weddings, plus parties and even work functions often include or revolve around a meal. Sharing a meal is often more than a pitstop to refuel – it can be a sign of respect or acceptance of a person into a group. I can’t think of a more fitting and simple way to reunite people within a community other than food sharing! Can you?

So what exactly is Food Sharing? Why is it important?  What are the draw backs? And most importantly, how can you get involved?

Let’s take a look at the details.

What is Food Sharing?

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