What Is A Rodin Coil and Why It Matters

Emily Wilson

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What is a Rodin Coil?

This is a question that has haunted me, particularly over the last 2 days. I don’t mind admitting that I have spent way more than my average length of time researching this subject and have come up with far less useful information.

Still, I will share what I have found with you, hopefully in language that makes sense.

I want to believe that the Rodin Coil is a realistic form of free energy, but I am not confident that it is.

True, there could be a big cover up repressing the technology in order to prevent loss of profits. So, I will reserve judgement and share what I found.

If it is legitimate then believe me….it matters!

I am going to start by discussing the clains that have been made about the coil, before diving into the mathematics behind how it works.

“Our goal to create a grassroots energy and technology revolution by turning this knowledge over to the public in an open-source project. Science museum exhibits for kids, a simple book, a simple DVD, that’s all we’re looking to do. We want to turn it into the hands of the people to produce and save the whole world”. Marko Rodin

  • It is said that this techronology could provide endless free energy.
  • It has been claimed that it could irradicate all disease.
  • Food production could be maximised to end world hunger.
  • It could enable unlimited travel….anywhere in the Universe.
  • It would render all existing technology obselete.

So now you may understand my intrigue. These claims are immense, and were delivered in a TEDtalk nonetheless. Take a look below.

You will notice that the video is not from the official TEDtalk page. That is because it has been taken down by them – due to a lack of sound scientific data to back up the claims.

When I discovered this I started to feel deflated. But I continued on regardless.

Perhaps there is something in the conspiracy theories which claim that the corporate powers that be would lose enormous profits and control, is the masses could suddenly power their homes, cars and businesses for free.

Just consider how oil has been the root of so many wars.

How Does The Rodin Coil Work?

The explanation in how does a Rodin coil works is so technical that I could not attempt to repeat it accurately here. The basis is vortex mathematics.

The coil itself is a torodial structure, like a doughnut. The geometry is very specific as you can see here. It is so complex in fact, that Marko Rodin, who conceived the idea, was unable to build a model to prove his theory.


As the video explains, the mathematics can be explained with the following diagram.

Randy Powell says that Mathematics is the language of God, and until now noone has been able to speak the language until now. He describes numbers as being a living language – which can be decoded using the equation shown in the image below.

He likens the coil created for the purpose of free energy to other coils found naturally in nature – where straight lines do not exist. DNA is one example that he chooses to illustrate this point.


The Rodin Coil is a vortex machine, continually imploding and exploding and moving like a gyroscope.

The energy produced is said to be the pulsating, vibrating source of time and motion which emanates from the centre of the cyclone.

All I can say is that I would love this to be true!

For now I will watch this space – but if you have some evidence then please share it.

Or are you a complete cynic who has heard this a thousand times?

I would love to hear from you.

32 thoughts on “What Is A Rodin Coil and Why It Matters”

  1. Has anyone actually PRODUCED anything using this coil?

    I see a lot of people inputting electricity and lighting a LOW voltage LED but can’t you do that with a battery and the human body… alive or dead???

    Show me something!!!

    • I once produced an sudden output of over 2, 000 volts for a quick moment, using only 9 volts D.C. of input , as I was scrolling through some frequency inputs. No more than a 1 minute later, as i tried to find that same frequency from before,
      I locked on successfully to a frequency that sent the coil into a back-and-forth pulsing between 2 different output measurements. 740V-960V It stayed pulsing like that for a few minutes until I turned it off. I was only using a 9V D.C plug when I did this in my living room. If anyone wants to call me out on my claim, please do, because I welcome it, as I can prove it anytime, anywhere.

  2. Rodin coil is more of a focused point power amplifer the only way it can be free energy is if just pulls it out of the air and makes its own power i think it can multiply what you put into it and vortex it out but and light up electronic devices but other than that still trying to figure out its usefulness

  3. I have a 5.5 inch Rodin Coil installed under a capstone I use for our Pyramid for mediation. I use the iPhone hooked up to a 200 watt amplifier to play “theta” waves 8hz for one hour. When I come out from under the pyramid it’s like you in a different world. The mind is still locked into the Theta brainwaves. It took be about one hour to get up to Beta waves. It was a trip! Finally fell asleep that night after the session I had the wildest most colorful dream in my life. ipyramids did a great job of epoxy the Rodin Coil just underneath the capstone. Where all the energy comes down on top of your head. My use the Tri-field Meter and it read it about 30′ from the master bedroom. The crazy part is, the next day it was off and I took a metal ball bearing placed it in a plastic container and walked near the coil and the bearing was spinning inside the cup. I walked away about 15 feet or so and the metal ball was still reacting to the coil when off! How can you explain that!

    It’s great for meditation plus the pyramid over the queen size bed. But the cost was enormous! Ipyramids charges for what I found on Ebay $2800.00 for that capstone and the copper pipes to build a pyramid. Someone in my local area decided to sell his for $900.00 and I grabbed it in a minute! The guy was nice to come over and help me set it up and explain to me what he experienced and the why’s he selling it. Bottom line works for meditation big time. Other things happen but this is not the place to elaborate.

    • When you pass any chunk of metal thru a tightly coiled length of copper wire and proceed to run AC power thru it you create a magnet and the Rodin coil does just that so I’m guessing your bearing was reacting to something else magnetic .

    • You can now buy high quality Rodin Coils on Etsy and experiment all you want. Don’t take anyone’s word form it and don’t spout contempt prior to investigation. You can try it out for yourself.

  4. Instead of criticizing a possible breakthrough, people without a genuine constructive idea of their own should take note of inventions which were once thought insane and useless are now considered strokes of genius (Talking to you TheGuy and others). Take something small like the aglet for instance or large scale like flight or AC electricity as opposed to DC. One does not need to be an inventor to make a difference, merely inventive. PHD is optional but imagination is required. If you have neither, your posts and comments hold no weight, and are therefore worthless. At least some are attempting to find pieces of the solutions to cleaner cheaper energy. Critics OF free energy use free energy daily to waste people’s time posting ignorant comments instead of helping to finding constructive ideas and solutions. Solve the problem instead of becoming part of the problem. Rodin coils could possibly be used as an amplifier when used in conjunction with cable carrying voltage high enough to leak past the insulation. This leaked voltage is wasted energy. I would like to experiment by passing the cable with a load through the center of the coil and connect the coil to an led array to see if the voltage leaked can be harnessed.

    • Dear Paige,

      Consider actually doing something and go to college and learn plasma physics. Then, START WORKING ON NUEAR FUSION. Do some research and you’ll see why this is actually interesting and isn’t just an empty claim of “free energy.” When we have developed enough resources to kick-start the first actually reactor somewhere around 2030 – 2035 the reactor heat up water which spins a turbine and then a generator… the same as every other power plant. The reason why our current power plant aren’t very good is because they produce waste and the materials have to be mined using pollution producing methods.

  5. Paige,

    Many people were experimenting with flight simultaneously, and all were making demonstrable progress. Ditto with electricity. Being a skeptic holds great value as it prevents many people from being duped by snake oil salesmen, of which there are many. If you want to experiment by all means, do so, and if you discover a way to make it work by all means become right, but right now people are selling hoaxes based on this and other people are being duped by lies.

  6. I purchased a Rodin Coil. How can I know if it’s working properly? I plug it into my Samsung Galaxy tablet with the right frequencies from audio recordings from Ipyramid, but should I see the Rodin coil vibrating or if it’s the right frequency, should I trust that it’s working properly? Any help you can give me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    • I know this is late reply, if you are running frequencies in this coil, the key for it to be activated is the “amplification” power not a tablet or cell phone but actual working amplifier 200-800 watts of power per channel. I believe this is a two channel system Rodin coil! The Rodin Coil will act as a transmitter/receiver both here and aether realm.

      The vortex will be opened by the node points where the wire crosses over each other and these nodes are on and around the donut using electromagnetic wiring. What we are talking about is simply this, the Rodin coil needs to be modulated to around 5-8 megahertz tuning and this will change daily depending upon humidity basically the weather in general. The Rodin Coil will breach this dimension to a Scalar field. The donut doesn’t create scalar as some mistakenly think, it breaches our dimension opening into the scalar realm that was always there! If you want to learn more about this scalar field go to Spooky2 Scalar dot com. Mr. White and two associates also created a transmitter/receiver that breaches the scalar zone. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it is mine. The further away the transmitter from the receiver the bigger the scalar field. The power doesn’t drop with distance when dealing with electrical energies, in fact, this gets bigger, wider and much taller field. If it wasn’t for the Rodin Coil I would have never knew what to look for!

    • I am not the brightest bulb on the tree, the only reason I am applying to this is, I found the old post of the goodhuman.com, it was in my old files that I have forgotten about. Things in this crazy world had me going all over the place with new technologies and now the “Great Depression version 3.0! Everything is becoming expensive! Enough of that! The Rodin Coil is not technically hard to use, where most get hung up is the working “Theory” and looking for a shift in realities to put it bluntly.

      The Rodin coil taken me on a worldwide hunt for such tools that can show physical phenomena proving your understanding of such devices. When I came across two boxes a “Receiver and Transmitter” they told me, this was created in the 1980’s! It taken me a lot longer than that to find this product.

      Keeping the Rodin Coil in the forefront of my research at the time! Basically, simple approach, what I was looking for was scalar wave access! It didn’t matter to me what it was made of or how big or how small the tool would be. So, I got interested in this Spooky2 Scalar generators! Upon, writing about it in my blog, a dear friend of mine purchased the two generators. He linked them both both up using a simple cable that you have to pay extra for! I believe it was 70 feet!

      It tunes in the Megahertz range up to 8-9 Megahertz! This has to be done everyday because of Barometer going up and down all that pressure around us or the lack of! Once that is completed, he told me, he ran it all night while sleeping between the two generators.

      Both generators are 3 feet apart from each other. Cable is link between the both!! The power is ran back and forth, first the transmitter sending out a electrical scalar and the Receiver turning that transmission back to the Transmitter thus creating a zero field, the gravity becomes a bit heavier.

      In the middle of these two generators, is a scalar field about the size of and length of a normal football. Because of the close proximity of 3 feet apart. The further you place the generators from each other, the bigger, higher and wider the scalar field becomes. So, my friend setup his up, one in the upstairs and one downstairs.

      Keep in mind scalar doesn’t move it is just there! What the builders of this device were hoping to open a large enough gateway between our world and the scalar realm! The generators do accomplish this task. Anyway, I could go much deeper about what this device is doing and can do! I am a researcher like you all are, I don’t get that oh boy from companies for being brutally honest with some of the scalar garbage floating around out there.

      The cost of both transmitter and receiver is around $1600.00 plus $800.00 GEN-X PRO frequency generator which one can run through the generators! Let me share a quick story of a man who had his since the 1980’s! He setup his generators across from each other in the living room while watching Television. The field was maybe the radius of fifty or more square feet, he placed on the Receiver, essence oil. (Lavender).

      He was relaxing and enjoying his movie. About twenty or so minutes into watching his show, he was feeling very odd, his stomach was churning in every direction, his body was shaking to its core! He was becoming dizzy and disoriented and this concerned him. He thought maybe the generators were too strong with that oil he placed on the receiver.

      He got up went to the far side of his living room to shut down the Receiver and then the Transmitters also. He, looked down to switch it off and noticed something very odd, it was a live moth that got trapped in the open petri-dish struggling to free itself and it was literally dying by doing so! He took the Petri-dish off the Receiver and he was immediately calming back down and trying to shake off the rest of those highly charged signals that were caused by the living moth!

      This in many uncertain ways, intrigued him and he contacted Mr. White, who sold these in China to the rest of the Eastern world over the years. Before the Internet was in its infancy at that time. John explained to the purchaser what seemed to have happened.

      The moth on the receiver and its living essences was digitized by the device and transported in the existing scalar field being created by the two generators running in a loop to one another constantly.The receiver constantly sends the transmitter signal back to itself but in a 180 degree direction!

      This gentleman who has for the first time experience something dying in realtime! So, later on, he at the beginning was rather new to all this at the time, placed medicine on the Tesla coil built in the machines. Within a few or so minutes he told me, he got the results of the pain medicine but never had to take it! This is always and it never changes! He, placed this “lavender” oil a closed bottle (never opened) and ran it overnight while sleeping.

      When he awakened, he felt really weird and kept smelling “lavender” throughout the house. He told me, he only used the bottle and it was never opened! He went into the bathroom and it became stronger! I brought my arm up and smelled the Lavender as if one would have placed such ingredients on ones arm in this case.

      I could on with this, but you get it! So, its not just the Rodin coil that seems to do amazing things, but there are other equipment out there that can do it better and much more efficiently. I didn’t even share what happens when hooking up the GEN-X PRO to run it through both receiver and transmitter! My friend told me, you were right! It works like I never seen in my lifetime!

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