What Is A Rodin Coil and Why It Matters


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What is a Rodin Coil?

This is a question that has haunted me, particularly over the last 2 days. I don’t mind admitting that I have spent way more than my average length of time researching this subject and have come up with far less useful information. Still, I will share what I have found with you, hopefully in language that makes sense.

I want to believe that the Rodin Coil is a realistic form of free energy, but I am not confident that it is. True, there could be a big cover up repressing the technology in order to prevent loss of profits. So, I will reserve judgement and share what I found.

If it is legitimate then believe me….it matters!

I am going to start by discussing the clains that have been made about the coil, before diving into the mathematics behind how it works.

“Our goal to create a grassroots energy and technology revolution by turning this knowledge over to the public in an open-source project. Science museum exhibits for kids, a simple book, a simple DVD, that’s all we’re looking to do. We want to turn it into the hands of the people to produce and save the whole world”. Marko Rodin

  • It is said that this techronology could provide endless free energy.
  • It has been claimed that it could irradicate all disease.
  • Food production could be maximised to end world hunger.
  • It could enable unlimited travel….anywhere in the Universe.
  • It would render all existing technology obselete.

So now you may understand my intrigue. These claims are immense, and were delivered in a TEDtalk nonetheless. Take a look below.

You will notice that the video is not from the official TEDtalk page. That is because it has been taken down by them – due to a lack of sound scientific data to back up the claims.

When I discovered this I started to feel deflated. But I continued on regardless.

Perhaps there is something in the conspiracy theories which claim that the corporate powers that be would lose enormous profits and control, is the masses could suddenly power their homes, cars and businesses for free. Just consider how oil has been the root of so many wars.

How Does The Rodin Coil Work?

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  1. I have a interesting and conceivably feasible idea and it has nothing to do with the Rodin coil or any other idea I have seen so far. Email me asap

  2. Has anyone actually PRODUCED anything using this coil?

    I see a lot of people inputting electricity and lighting a LOW voltage LED but can’t you do that with a battery and the human body… alive or dead???

    Show me something!!!

    1. Particularly the part where the inventor could build a prototype. Yet, they have pictures of some coil. Now that is some solid proof!

  3. Rodin coil is more of a focused point power amplifer the only way it can be free energy is if just pulls it out of the air and makes its own power i think it can multiply what you put into it and vortex it out but and light up electronic devices but other than that still trying to figure out its usefulness

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