Could Sunlight Replace Food As Our Main Source Of Nourishment? – Thoughts On Sun Gazing


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Sun Gazing is an unusual and highly controversial practice that has been gaining some popularity in recent years, with Japan’s First Lady making headlines when she revealed that she was a ‘sun eater‘. The practice involves looking directly at the sun with your eyes unprotected, in an attempt to harness its energy, for the purpose of nourishing and healing the body. This is in direct opposition to the standard advice, that looking at the sun directly is extremely dangerous, with the potential to cause serious and permanent damage to the retina.

Ancient Cultures

Looking at carvings and paintings, we can see that many ancient cultures worshipped the sun. This is not surprising considering that life as we know it on this planet would be impossible without the great burning ball of fire. The practice of Sun Gazing has its origins in India, when over 2,000 years ago Lord Mahavir of Jain established a religion known as Jainism – in which they believed that every soul had the potential to access God.

It is also thought that the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Greeks, Mayans and some Native American tribes felt that they could be nourished in this way.

Hira Ratan Manek

A well known advocate of Sun Gazing is Hira Ratan Manek (who likes to be known as HRM), who was born in India in 1937. Hira is a regular Solar Gazer, who claims to have reached enlightenment, healing and nourishment thanks to his practices. He says that he can sustain himself for long periods of time with no food. He has mainly consumed only sun energy and water since June 18th 1995, taking the occasional tea, coffee or buttermilk for “hospitality and social purposes.” HRM describes the brain as a super computer, which he calls a ‘brainuter’. He says that sun gazing activates the full potential of the brain, allowing us to access powers that have remained dormant since ancient cultures.images

Being a holistic entity it needs a holistic power supply. Sun energy is the source that powers the brain, which can enter and leave the human body or the brain only through one organ that is the human eye. Eyes are the Sun Energy’s entry door to the human brain.

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  1. This is false. Hira Ratan Manek is not living on sunlight. Sunlight can not replace food as our main source of nourishment

    1. Do you have physical proof this is a lie or is it just your mind being feeble and not believing in something other than what you’ve known your entire life? Have you heard of pranayana?

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