What Is BHT? Is It Really That Bad?

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We all know the importance of reading the ingredients list, but what are we supposed to do with the collection of letters and numbers there? Take BHT as an example.

BHT or butyl hydroxytoluene is a fat-soluble synthetic compound commonly used to preserve foods and cosmetics. It helps to slow down the autoxidation rate of ingredients in a product that can cause changes in its taste or color.

If you’re like most people who worry about the safety of consuming products with BHT, The Good Human hopes to give you an answer. Read on to find out more about the said ingredient.

BHT and The Confusion About It


BHT or butyl hydroxytoluene is primarily used to prevent fats in foods from becoming rancid. It is also used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid.

Sure sounds strange that BHT is something that’s used to preserve food, right?

It has been the subject of many studies, which have been contradictory in their findings. These results leave us even more confused over whether consuming and applying products containing BHT is safe.

This confusion is nothing new, as we can see from the following excerpt from Business Week magazine back in 1995.

Several additives are suspected carcinogens. Take butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).

Food companies use these similar chemical substances to prevent spoilage in foods with oil or shortening and to preserve many breakfast cereals (from Total to Quaker Instant Oatmeal), enriched rice products, and dried soups.

Repeated studies have shown that BHA and BHT increase the risk of cancer as well as accumulate in body tissue, cause liver enlargement, and retard the rate of DNA synthesis and thus, cell development.

However, one study, released in 1994, suggests these same additives may actually retard cancer development because of their antioxidant properties.

There is actually more than one study suggesting anti-carcinogenic effects of BHT.

This article aims to look at the conflicting conclusions to help individuals to make informed choices regarding purchasing these products.

Business Week

The Dangers of BHT


When looking at the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for BHT we found the following:

  • Do NOT let this chemical enter the environment.
  • Combustible.
  • Ingestion causes abdominal pain, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
  • The substance may have effects on the liver.
  • The substance is harmful to aquatic organisms.

That is certainly concerning when we have it in our food and in our cosmetics!

The FDA has approved BHT for use in food, so it comes down to us to check ingredients.

BHT As A Cause of Cancer

There have been many studies that demonstrate that BHT accumulates over time in the body, having a toxic impact on the lungs, liver and kidneys amongst other negative effects. We will look chronologically at their findings.

study by Gann in 1984 showed that BHT was capable of promoting chemically-induced forestomach and bladder cancer in male rats.

This was followed in 1986, with a chronic study on BHT in rats by Olsen.  

Dose-related increases in the numbers of hepatocellular adenomas and carcinomas were statistically significant.

As with Gann’s study, the doses given to the rats were higher per pound of body weight than we would consume.

A 1988 Swedish study by Thompson looked at both BHT and BHA. They found that both were toxic and tumour-promoting.  

Both antioxidants were observed to be cytotoxic in a concentration-dependent manner at concentrations ranging from 100 to 750 microM. At equimolar concentrations, BHT was more cytotoxic than BHA.

Safer et al conducted a further study on rats in 1999 and came up with the same results. 

The food additive, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), encourages the development of tumors from previously initiated cells.


In 2001, Bauer et al found that lung tumor formation was promoted by BHT administration following an initiating agent in BALB/cByJ mice, but not in CXB4 mice. 

So in those mice that had a sensitivity to BHT, it caused chronic inflammation and promoted lung tumours.

A study published in 2006 in Argentina, used hamsters to prove that BHT did not prevent cancer but rather did the opposite. 

Results obtained showed that BHT did not decrease the chromosomal damage induced by radiation in any consistent fashion.

On the contrary, in cells post-treated with 5.0 µg/ml of BHT the yield of chromosomal aberrations increased in several experimental points.

It is also pretty clear in the following excerpt from a study by the University of Hamburg that BHT is tumour promoting.

“Specific toxic effects to the lung have been observed with BHT…. BHT induces liver tumours in long-term experiments.

Because there is no indication of genotoxicity of BHT, all published findings agree with the fact that BHA and BHT are tumour promoters.

In contrast to BHA and BHT, vitamin E is not carcinogenic. On the other hand, all three antioxidants have also anticarcinogenic properties.

The intake of the necessary high doses as for these effects are, however, contraindicated with BHA and BHT because of their carcinogenic effects.”

University of Hamburg

There are many more studies along similar lines, which link BHT to accumulating toxicity in the liver, lungs and thyroid, even adversely affecting blood coagulation. You can dig deeper by looking at the studies listed here.

BHT And Cancer Prevention

After looking through that body of evidence it is a surprise to learn that studies are showing that BHT does not have an adverse impact, and may even have an anti-carcinogenic effect of BHT on the body.

They suggest at the least that BHT may be safe to ingest at low levels.

This began in 1979, when The National Institute for Cancer Research published a report stating that BHT was not carcinogenic.


A study conducted by Takahashi in 1993 found that BHT had virtually no effect on rats that were fed BHT orally over a number of generations.

A three-generation toxicity study of butylated hydroxytoluene administered to mice. 

The dose levels of BHT in this study showed a little adverse effect on reproductive and neurobehavioural parameters on mice.

Shockingly, a study conducted by Williams in 1991 suggested that there may be positive benefits to ingesting BHT.

Butylated hydroxytoluene lacks the activity of phenobarbital in enhancing diethylnitrosamine-induced mouse liver carcinogenesis.

These results suggest that the chemoprevention by BHT of cancer resulting from low-level long-term carcinogen exposure may be achieved at doses that do not produce adverse effects.

A Taiwanese study followed up in 1999, with the first demonstration that synthetic phenolic antioxidants decrease the N-acetylation of carcinogens and formation of DNA-carcinogen.

In 2000, Williams published a study for the New York Medical College which agreed with the 1999 research. 

We conclude that BHA and BHT pose no cancer hazard and, on the contrary, may be anticarcinogenic at current levels of food additive use.

Further studies have agreed that BHT is not carcinogenic, but does cause negative impacts on the body, especially the liver when it accumulates over time.

BHT in Cosmetics

The vast majority of published work on BHT is based around consuming the compound. There is less information on using it topically.

However, the Skin Deep site rates BHT as having a “high hazard to high hazard depending on product usage” and says it has been shown to be linked to cancer, developmental toxicity, allergies, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, biochemical or cellular level changes.

A study by Lanigan RS, published in 2002 in the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, The Final report on the safety assessment of BHT, found that it was safe to use BHT in the low concentrations found in cosmetics.


BHT applied to the skin appears to remain in the skin or pass through only slowly and does not produce systemic exposures to BHT or its metabolites seen with oral exposures.

Although there were only limited studies that evaluated the effect of BHT on the skin, the available studies, along with the case literature, demonstrate no significant irritation, sensitization, or photosensitization.

Recognizing the low concentration at which this ingredient is currently used in cosmetic formulations, it was concluded that BHT is safe as used in cosmetic formulations.

What kind of products can BHT be found in?

  • Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Mineral Block Face Stick
  • Neutrogena Body Oil
  • CVS Beauty Bars Sensitive Skin
  • Neutrogena Liquid Facial Cleanser Fragrance-Free
  • Revlon ColorStay Bronzer for the Face
  • Loreal Hip High-Intensity Pigments
  • OLAY Daily Facials Deep Cleansing Cloths
  • Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion Moisturizing Lotion

Should You Avoid It?

While it is true that the evidence is contradictory and confusing, there is enough negative scientific evidence to sound alarm bells.

Vitamin E has been found to be an equally good preservative, with non of the side effects of BHT, so it seems absurd that we are continuing to be force-fed a chemical that is such cause for concern.

This is demonstrated in a 1993 German study by Kappus, which compared the toxicology of the synthetic antioxidants BHA and BHT in comparison with the natural antioxidant vitamin E.

Because there is no indication of genotoxicity of BHA and BHT, all published findings agree with the fact that BHA and BHT are tumour promoters.

In contrast to BHA and BHT, vitamin E is not carcinogenic. On the other hand, all three antioxidants have also anticarcinogenic properties.

The intake of the necessary high doses as for these effects are, however, contraindicated with BHA and BHT because of their carcinogenic effects.

The present overview concludes that the concentrations of BHA and BHT nowadays used in food, drugs and cosmetics are probably harmless.


In addition, vitamin E can also be used in higher doses without the occurrence of adverse effects.

BHT is banned from food in the UK and Japan, and also from baby food in the US. And, when it is used, the concentrations are low.

That does not, however, alleviate the worry of accumulated toxins. It remains a contentious issue. Looking at the studies available, I would prefer to avoid BHT as much as possible.

What are your thoughts? Do you already avoid BHT and BHA? Or do you think it is not worth worrying about?

270 thoughts on “What Is BHT? Is It Really That Bad?”

      • Was just eating post shredded wheat which I have not had in a long time and thought it tasted funny so I checked the ingredient list because the only thing that should be in shredded wheat is “wheat” and I came across BHT in the packaging. That’s when I decided to research it and now it all makes sense. Why after all these years would they ruin such a good wholesome cereal.

          • Jhonny Cinnamon Toast Crunch..has another ingredient besides BHT that is worse!!! This was my favorite cereal unail I discovered it has Trisodium Phosphate. Google this if you want to read something scary. Ridiculous to think that is in our food.. If we sprinkled any Trisodium Phosphate on our kids cereal we would be put in jail

          • Watch out for the highly toxic chemical compound known as sodium bicarbonate lurking in your baked goods, too…lmfao…people like you are honestly too dumb to have lived this long on your own. Tell me, how long has your mom been tying your shoes for you?

          • Ping tech you are an idiot.
            Anyone that defends a toxic chemical that’s not a natural part of the process is either really stupid…or just a troll.
            But I think you’re both!

          • Also discovered that BHT is in the packaging for Post’s shredded wheat. My husband has been eating it for years. How much of the BHT actually goes into the food from the packaging. Anyone out there who knows?

          • Lol, Ping, dude, sodium bicarbonate is part of baking soda. Baking soda is known to help numerous organs due to it’s neutralization reactions with our stomach, as it is a base, and not even a particularly strong one at that. It ain’t toxic unless consumed in large amounts. We use it for our baked goods, yeah, and, so far, the only poisonings I hear about are from deadly plants and substances, such as cyanide, arsenic, etc. The more you know, right? 😀

          • Yall need some remedial courses in chemistry.

            Phosphate is a natural compound that YOUR OWN BODY METABOLIZES. Its a part of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), you know, the compound that fuels every cell in your entire body? Trisodium phosphate is just the salt form of the compound. Mixed with water, it just breaks back down into sodium (table salt) and phosphate!

            So many people scared of natural chemicals… Just because you can’t pronounce the formal chemical name, doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. These responses from people scared of words remind me so much of that Dihydrogen Monoxide science project…

          • Thank you for sharing much needed knowledge. Do you know why everyone I eat cereals with BHT I always have breathing issues lasting a day. Then I’m okay next day. I’ve narrowed it down to BHT as culprit many years ago. When I stopped eating cereals I never had breathing issues. But then other day I ate cereal and boom it happened again with tightness in chest.

          • Chris, good advice. In order to make an educated decision one must have all the facts, that means reading the article in its entirety – not just the first page. Better yet, thoroughly vet the information by going to a variety of legitimate websites. Consider the source in all matters – refrain from making quick assumptions.

        • You think “WHEAT” is a” GOOD WHOLESOME CEREAL” !
          Think again, No one can digest gluten, it causes inflammatory markers to rocket,,, the immune system goes on full alert and attacks it to try and kill it,,,, HELLO!
          Not even cows can digest it and they have two stomachs !!

          • Gluten is indeed pretty horrible. Do some research on it’s angry, meaner big brother, wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) as well. Wheat, and all grains that contain WGA, will absolutely trash your body. Net net, humans were not intended to ingest whole-grains. The whole-grain goodness myth was born in the late 1800’s when some jack-wagon named Kellogg who ran an insane asylum started forcing his “patients” to eat it, and a multi-billion dollar industry that keeps us fat and sick was born. Hooray for wheat! Sourced: ‘The Plant Paradox’

          • Reamann Macbiatiagh – Cows have only one (1) stomach. However, their stomach has four compartments/chambers.

        • Shredded wheat has had BHA or BHT in the waxy paper inside, as far back as 50 years ago.

          However, Kelloggs just produced a new Rice Krispies, labelled “gluten free” and “sugar smart.” Aside from having way too high a concentration of some vitamins and minerals, it contains BHT *within* the cereal itself. Apparently this is added to preserve the (synthetic) vitamins.

          Erewhon used to have a most excellent organic “krispy rice” cereal, that was produced for them by General Foods. They sold to a company called Attune Foods, in turn bought out by PostHoldings and it sounds like they might now be owned by Kraft.

          So that’s it for the healthy Rice Cereal. It’s now Krapped Foods.

        • BHT has been in cereals of all kinds for a good 40 to 50 years. I remember reading it on cereal boxes as a kid in the ’60s and ’70s. The funny taste was likely just from the brand or packaging.

      • yeah i bought a box of wheat thins and i was just sitting and eating them and decided to look at the nutrition facts and it said pererved with BHT so i decided to look that up…. you can guess that my next action was folding the box back up and trashing it!

        • I was looking for a good replacement for potato chips and thought I had found it with wheat thins but of course I was noticing a side effect that was very unpleasant =a very dry mouth. I don’t know if BHT causes that effect or not but better to play it safe. I have also found foods that contain antifreeze =propolene glycol. It is used as a cheap sweetner and an anti-freezing agent. Please check what you are consuming ,some ingredients are hardcore drugs #1 is caffeine it is a replacement for cocaine.

        • Don’t trash it…
          Take it back. Talk with management repeatedly (every time you find these ingredients in the food they are selling you). As a consumer you have the right to full disclosure which is not being done. The package should have a warning on it like a cigarette package. Caution: Eating this food may cause cancer or tumors. Asking for you money back is important. Talking to the management, taking up their time in a polite and respectful way is powerful. (I do this often and have had the store change products)… also, your talking should be to ALL of the management; I talk to the employees also when I go through the line and other customers here the discussion.. brief and polite on this to gain credibilty). I really got into this when I found one of the additives at the Stater Bros market was aluminum (in up to 3 variations… listed as an “additive”. Some bakeries use Baking Powder that has aluminum in it (it is not necessary or healthful). Best regards to you all.

          • As someone who has worked in retail for many years, at least if you plan on taking it back to say a grocery store, it probably won’t do anything much to tell employees or half the time even management. If it is a decent store, yeah sure it might actually get through eventually. (And Yes! Thank you for saying in a respectful way! Because the moment a customer is just acting especially aggressive it just makes people no matter what rank they are to no want to help.) But aside from taking it up with the store you bought it from take it up to even the Corporate of that company as well as the company of the actual product you are buying. If you have more than one person upset, that will get more notice than just another person they could give a coupon or check for to make them happy and leave them alone.
            Definitely don’t want those kinds of products running around especially when it seems like so many companies seem to leave certain ingredients out of their lists…

          • I agree with D, especially if it’s a chain store, the management/associates don’t decide what is replenished in their stores, it’s based off merchandising agenda. Send a note/call their corporate office with your complaint as well.

          • I have eaten shredded wheat for 60 years I bet the first box said wheat and bht were the only ingredients. Any one know how long it has been used to preserve shredded wheat?

      • I bought premium rounds with whole grain. I’m half finishing the box when I read the ingredients. That was ok but but was added to preserve freshness
        Just disposed in garbage. Why would Nabisco continue this unhealthy preservative.

      • Isn’t obvious that the FDA and the companies that mass produce these products are working hand in hand with the pharmaceutical corporations to poison us, and then pretend to want to “make us better”. Look up chemicals/ items banned in other countries, or products produced in the USA that are banned(chemicals) from other countries for importation. Maybe more people should believe everything the government tells us.” Don’t worry, that level has been determined to be safe”, or the BEST ONE THEY EVER CAME UP WITH………. ” We have your best interest at heart, we wouldn’t allow it if it wasn’t safe. The only ones that matter are the SHARE HOLDERS !!!! WAKE UP!!!!! Be informed and quit being the overweight, uninformed, lazy, self absorbed, zombie consumer that you’ve been taught to be.

      • Many issues hit Americans. The number one visit to the hospital/Doctors is digestive disorders. When food is coated with a solvent based anti-oxidant: butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).. in essence butaine (cigarette lighter fluid) and toluene (paint thinner) of course it will lengthen the shelf life, but it also is more difficult for me and many other people to break down. It is a preservative, so doesn’t have to be listed on the package… cereals, crackers, and cookies don’t have oils added typically.. so when it is added to preserve oils, then the oils can be added to various foods to preserve the food. Like a cockroach walking around the flour piled on the floor.. my stomach just doesn’t want to eat 90% -95% of the products in the store.. if I do, I get nasueous, bloating, pain and other symptoms. In essence the food is more difficult to break down and is harder on my system. Also when we are poisoned by toxins these aren’t added upon each other, but the complications are often expontially increased. Measuring in ppm or ppb doesn’t always help especially when considering amount consumed and retention times within the body. When BHT breaks down in a lab, it off gasses (per MSDS)… I don’t wonder why I have bloating. The medical community try to call it an allergic reatction, however I’m allergic to poison ivy.. and poison ivy is a poison. I’m being poisoned by certain food companies.

    • I just found out that the gum I chew daily and all day.. Extra contains BHT… and how I found out is by using this incredible app which is available for iPhone & android:


      It allows you to scan the bar code of the foods you eat and gives it a rating & a list of ingredients… the nice thing is, it gives you alternatives… AND really will “enlighten” you to what you are eating. I am in awe about my gum!!!

      • I too just discovered BHT in the gum I’ve been chewing for years. Trident whitening. I’ve been experiencing unusual fatigue and a breakout of a small blister-like rash over my whole body. It had been difficult to diagnose by my dermatologist. They say it’s exzema & was told by a cosmetic clerk to use Nutrogens body oil to hydrate my skin. Used it once & broke out all over. So I looked at the ingredients…sure enough it contained BHT.
        I think I have found the culprit of my problems. Going back to the dermatologist Thursday to discuss.
        Thanks Valerie!!

      • I Just came back from a fitness convention ,chewing gum is like chewing on a tire , it’s the same ingredients they use for making tire’s ,it’s called chicle is a form of rubber (gumbase) they just add other additives to make it soft.

      • No it isn’t. The fact that one can cure cancer and viruses with it makes it a drug, and not something anyone should consume on a regular basis. Furthermore, although many drugs do exactly what it is claimed, they all have side effects that are rather nasty. Further-furthermore, because each person is an individual with their own personal health history, no drug works 100%; in fact the good ones generally work far less than 100%, such as 30-70% of the time. Of that 30-70%, some will have severely adverse reactions, of those for whom it doesn’t work adverse reactions also occur. A drug used properly will be a last resort and again, should never be consumed or used on a regular basis.

        • Thank you Molly.

          People really need to think about that. Now take this dose of BHT/BHT in this one food and multiply it by 70% of the food you eat every day then multiply again by all the other additives, food colorings, “natural flavors”, and proprietary substances (that can be excluded from ingredient labels by law) that also have some kind of so called marginal toxicity level by themselves and I wonder why there’s so much chronic physical and mental illness in America…

          Studies are never done on the accumulative effect of exposure to the hundreds or thousands of artificial substances we eat, breathe, and smear on our bodies every day. I found this site after buying a pack of extra-large flour tortillas from a restaurant supply store. I was so excited to find them I didn’t look at the ingredient list and after eating them for two meals and feeling a little off each time I decided to look up those ingredients. I should know better by now…

          • Here’s a good tip for ya’ll who think it’s safe to buy extra-large anything. Unless it’s a species that grows specifically large, or a product that was always large since it’s creation, it’s usually artificially, or (for those with common food allergies) GMO-enhanced. For example, tortillas. Mom’s made them small, or medium. We see a large batch, we walk away. Or avocados. You find a big avocado, it’s most likely one of the GMO ones that don’t have very good taste, and, if engineered with things like fish, can cause an allergic reaction.

        • Lol, Kevin didn’t say it cures cancer. And if you want to use a literal definition of ‘drug’ then all food is a drug.

          Kevin’s wrong too, might be a troll? Although BHT has antiviral properties it does not cure aids. But you are right that the fact that it has antiviral properties has nothing to do with whether it should be used as a food additive.

          • Actually kevin is on to something. There are no strong studies linking this as a carcinogen. There is plenty of bad stuff out there and additives are silly. But this does have evidence that it can fight cancer and lots of viruses. HIV and Aids is a virus. so it would definitly attack it. Whether it cured it would depend on the severity and the persons immune system. Alternative health advocates have recommended and even published infor mation in their books, about the BENEFITS of BHT. Sounds crazy but Kevin is on track. This is the last food additive i would be concerned about… lets start with EDTA and Artificial food coloring…. hell most FOOD is worse than BHT… Processed Grains, High gluten grains, Shortening, “Healthy” Cookies Cakes and Bars etc etc. Sugar in general. In short BHT has too many benefits to be really worried about it. And im a health NUT! I eat mostly raw veggies, and do eat a little grassfed meat or fish at night.

          • One more thing. People do buy this and take this as a supplement for a multitude of reasons. [not that im one of them 🙂 ]

        • Thanks for posting the above links, Dab!! Pretty much the same conclusion that I have found while researching BHT. And, that is, that the studies on it really haven’t determined whether it’s good Or bad!! But, it seems that no one else on this site has bothered to look it up for themselves. Very sad. Ignorance seems to be the real ‘killer’ here. Not surprised…

      • Bad mouthing BHT is not disinfo. I have avoided preservatives for years because my lips or eyes will swell up but today I inadvertently got some BHT ensure enough my lip swelled up.

      • Nope. Just make your own food from whole foods raised properly: organic or homegrown produce, pasture-raised meats and poultry, wild seafood, pasture-raised dairy and eggs. Then learn how to cook it right – not difficult and delicious.

        • Nope. I think Larry is going with the old ‘everything is a chemical’… which is true. But that’s why we shouldn’t be using that word with negative connotations. Saying chemicals in our food is bad just makes educated people ignore you. What you really mean is synthetic or extracted additives which may be harmful. Also probably not as simple or straightforward as you think.

          BTW I’m all for the whole foods only, avoid processed approach but I accept that I’m avoiding things which may be ok to eat because I simply don’t have all the answers and neither do you. Nor do the manufacturers of such products for that matter.

          • Google Dr.Sebi and learn the truth. This black man has cured cancers, aids, blindness, paralysis, high blood pressure,etc… With seeded fruits, vegetables and alkaline water! And this He did in 1984!

    • This is not a comment on the safety of EDTA but it is unproductive to say things like “EDTA in mayonnaise is also used in powdered laundry detergent” because that statement is meaningless.

      “Water is also used in the manufacture of gasoline” does that mean I shouldn’t drink water?

      There are many innocuous products used as ingredients in dangerous products. This shouldn’t be used in the discussion concerning the safety of either product.


  1. I remember reading many years ago that the EDTA in mayonnaise is also used in powdered laundry detergent to keep it from getting clumps so it would flow easily. Barf.
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  2. Great post! I just decided to do a look up because I know BHT is in a lot of preserved meats and other products. I bought 2 bottles of Aveeno 30 sunblock and it was the FIRST ingredient!! Yikes! It works really well and I don’t get burned but I think I need to find another natural alternative.

    Most natural sunscreens make your skin look white. lol. I’ve been trying to avoid this but I don’t want those chemicals on me or in me. Yuck! Back to the drawing board….

    • That’s because natural sunblocks contain zinc oxide which is what gives the white cast to your skin. I’d rather have that safe mineral on my skin and look a little too white than some of those other chemicals any day!

          • Nona, please display your intelligence, or lack there of, elsewhwere. If you’d read the post carefully, you’d understand that the man is implying that while zinc will indeed block harmful rays from frying his skin, it does not blend well with the color. In fact, it will be “screaming very loud” in a decibel that you’re unable to comprehend. You see, white sunscreen and brown/bronze skin will be contrasting in color. If you do not understand after reading this far, then any further attempt to enlighten is meaningless as it will surely be overly difficult for you to understand. Please put your card back in your pocket.

      • Molly’s Sunscreen – SPF ~ 50+
        4oz coconut oil
        3oz olive oil
        1oz beeswax
        20 drops vitamin D in olive oil = 40,000IU vit D3
        25-30 drops peppermint EO
        30 drops lavender EO
        20% ZnO (zinc oxide) = 1.80oz = 22.5% by weight. **Use micronized, not nano-sized! Amazon has it.
        Makes 8oz jar.

        Melt the coconut and beeswax over low heat. Stir. Remove from heat and cool just a bit, then add the D to the olive oil and pour in and stir. Pour some into a mixing bowl and whip; add some ZnO and whip. Continue until all oil mixture and ZnO is in the bowl. Whip until it cools, add EOs, whip; scrape, rest, whip. Continue until all is cooled, whipped, and incorporated. Scoop into an 8oz jar.

        Rub it in when you use it, it is very waterproof and the white totally disappears if you rub it in a bit.
        ** Do not use nano-sized zinc, use micro-sized so the Zn doesn’t get inside your cells. [Check Bulk Supplements on Amazon.]

        You can actually use just coconut oil and ZnO if that’s all you can get, the beeswax makes it more waterproof, EOs are preserving and smell fab, and the vitamin D3 in olive oil helps screen and nourish skin.

        Worked for my fair skinned Celtic family (we’re practically vampires!) in NC at the beach – all day and in the water, one application. Check yourself of course for pinking, but this works better than expensive store bought.

  3. Great post and I didn’t know all that stuff about DEA’S, TEA, polyethylene, parabens bht’s its good to know so we can try to be more cautious about the stuff we use.

  4. I love your sarcasm, causes dizziness, nausea, vomiting if ingeste, hey let’s put it into food! Man, such stupidity would be unbelivable if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.

    I reccomend cereals from health stores like Whole Foods, or Sunset. I believe all of Kashi’s cereals do not have BHT. I’d look at the ingredients list before buying it though.

    You know, we should be glad that the companies are made to list these additives so we can avoid them. Also Raisin Bran appears to have no BHT, but it seems Kellogs uses HFCS, where Post uses Corn Syrup. I also want to mention again, to read the boxes because you never know unless it’s a health food brand cereal, if they’ll start using BHT. Like, between the time you buy the cereal, and later they might use it I dunno.

    • The FDA doesn’t require small quantities BHA, BHT & TBHQ to be listed as an ingredient on food labels. Also, if the company uses shortening, oil, or any other ingredient containing these preservatives these do not have to be listed separately since it part of that specific ingredient. Please keep in mind these preservatives can be used on the inside of the packaging and not be listed as an ingredient; however, every time you shake your cereal out of its box, take a cookie out of a package, etc… you could be exposed yourself to these ingredients as well. Unfortunately, as consumers we are not provided this information that’s why you have you be diligent about the foods you consume if you want to avoid these ingredients.

      • I think that ANYTHING that is put into our food, should have to be listed in the ingredients. I don’t care how small of an amount it is. We have a right to know what it is we’re ingesting.

        I love frosted mini wheats with the fruit filling. I ate a bowl of it last night, then decided to check out the ingredients. Freaking BHT is in it. Now I’m not going to buy that product anymore because of that. I mean, is BHT really that necessary? No!

    • Actually it has been proven that Whole Foods sells GMO foods, whereas Trader Joe’s has banned all types of GMOs from their shelves.
      And contrary to popular belief, and the commercials, Kashi is all GMO

    • Just because a good is in a healthier store like a co-op or a store such as Whole Foods doesn’t guarantee 100% that the product is devoid of ingredients that are unnatural. Take citric acid that is non fruit derived. Look up that….it’s also in so many products! Derived from mold and produced in enormous quantities by a drug company who sells it to food manufacturers. Be cautious fellow humans!

      • Well then you haven’t “learned” anything, you’re just repeating a made up theory. High fructose corn syrup is corn syrup (100% glucose) that has been partially converted to fructose (42-55%). It is used in place of white granulated sugar which is 50/50 glucose/fructose. Nothing to do with fooling anyone, just a different product. BTW, not suggesting any sugar is healthy…don’t eat sugar 🙂

  5. I have cracked/split skin on my fingers during cold weather, so I bought OUTDOOR HANDS Skin Therapy Cream from Tractor Supply after hearing the commercials for it on the radio-it contains BHT(along with several other ingredients). I am now disposing of it! I used Toluene to clean aircraft parts, before they banned us using it anymore for its’ cancer links!

  6. And this poison is in most chewing gum products in major stores here in the US. Fantastic. Seems like one of the only places to get some non-toxic gum is in Henry’s or Whole Foods. So creepy that the FDA would allow these BHT products to be sold on the market. I guess that’s what lobbying gets you….

  7. I know I’m late to the party but… Someone mentioned Kashi not having this kind of preservative (BHT)in it. Even though that may be true (it may not) please remember Kashi is still a GMO food, they use genetically modified ingredients in every product, with the exception of there elusive organic products they say they sell, but I never see them in stores where I am. GMO’s & dangerous preservatives in foods also goes for many foods that you will find in your local Whole Foods market, and even health food store. A small example of this; my local health food store sells these gluten free muffins and rolls (sold as healthful) with corn syrup as the first ingredient, not to mention a bunch of other GMO laden products you can find in every aisle. In America (especially), if it is not organic (also some organic products are only partially organic and will say 2/3 organic and so on) or labeled Non-GMO then it is most likely genetically modified (and by GMO I do not mean plants that have been responsibly breeded with different varieties to create a new type over decades of cultivation). Please don’t buy GMO’s, these so called agricultural corporations not only control what you eat and grow, they also control all other areas of your life governed by politics & political greed. Don’t just buy organic for your health, buy organic for every living things future, be responsible.

  8. Educate yourself about your food, it’s the most important thing you buy for yourself, your family, and your friends. & buy as much local food as you can. If more people shopped like that then organic food and locally grown food would be more affordable. I hate to stress this but in your average grocery store at least 95% of what is sold should not be considered edible. Start small if you have to, but at least start. & if you eat meat just eat less and try & buy from local farms, buy from responsible farmers who raise & slaughter their animals humanely. I know becoming vegan or vegetarian is not realistic for everyone, & telling people it should be just deters them from wanting to eat healthfully & mindfully.

    • great post! On another note, I think that people need to understand the reason foods like corn are GMO is so they will live through the round-up pesticide and weed control sprayed all over them… Normal corn cannot.

  9. I’m not going to say which personal medications I’m on, BUT, I found out just recently that this BHT shit has been added as a recently new ingredient in one of my prescriptions! The formula for the pills changed and my pharmacist told me this when I picked them up a few months ago, so I wouldn’t be surprised that my pills looked different all of a sudden, but; I didn’t think anything of it. Many of my medications have changed in appearence or size over the past ten years and never have I known it to be a dangerous thing! Ever since my pills changed I’ve been so sick every day I havn’t been able to stand it! I’ve been throwing up all day, diarhhea, gagging, and have had horrible headaches. I’ve gone to my doctor several times and she’s tested me for this and that but, still it’s all been inconclusive. I think I’ve found my answer. I only found out because, I ran accross this article and remembered the pamphlet that comes with my prescriptions every month identifying the change in ingredients in my pills. The active ingredient (the reason I take it.) is still the same but a whole slew of new (“inactive”.) ingredients are now in the pills that were never listed before. I can’t imagine WHY they would put this in them, but, I’m telling my Dr. RIGHT AWAY about this article and I’m doing more research on this horrible BHT stuff. I’m also going to research my prescription, and, see if other people are also, getting sick. This MUST be why I’ve been so terribly ill for months. I’ve been so worried and scared that something horrible was wrong with me. If I’ve gotten cancer or something from this toxic chemical I’m going to sue the pharmacuetacle company that makes my pills. What on EARTH is WRONG with the FDA?!?! food and drug administration my arse.

  10. It is so aggravating trying to find a safe product for ourselves and our pets. I just bought a new bottle of MALIBU Tan Hemp Moisturizer because what I did read in the store sounded good. Got home and saw it has BHT in it also.

  11. I too just got my prescription for Retin A Micro Gel and it has BHT in it. So does all my breakfast cereals “for freshness.” I am disgusted at the FDA that is bought by these companies’ lobbists and FDA has NO POWER to ban these chemicals but can ONLY MAKE SUGGESTIONS to these corporations that make this poisonous crap. Unbelievable. LOOK up the FDA’s abilities and it is a joke. Educate yourself.

  12. Nabisco Wheat Thins “Stix” does not have BHT in the product apparently, but it lists, ‘BHT added to packaging material to preserve freshness’. There goes my favorite snack. Whether in it or in the packaging material, it cant be good either way.

  13. I just watched “Food, Inc” – a documentary currently on the Wii Netflix menu.. if you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it.. was absolutely horrified by it’s content, which is on par with all of your previous comments above. I did not realize that corn is the main ingredient in our foods (the meat we eat is now corn-fed, the majority of preservatives we ingest have a corn derivitive and our government is subsidizing these farmers to mass-produce corn). AND conveniently enough, the key figures at the FDA also happen to be have been key figures in the few major food companies that dominate the marketplace.. and I sure there is no bias there.. I nearly lost my son at 18 mos to E-Coli and subsequent H.U.S.. had no idea the increase in E-Coli cases was directly related to all the corn-feeding that goes on in the meat we buy (Food, Inc does a better job of explaining why – it has to do with the cows no longer having the ability to fight off the E-Coli bacteria that being grass fed allows for vs corn). AND, to combat this problem.. the meat packaging houses now add amonia to our meat to try and combat the E-Coli… it’s also amazing to me how we have to take out a 2nd mortgage to afford the healthy stuff yet the bad stuff is often available for $1.. why isn’t the government subsidizing the healthy food market??? Maybe because local growers don’t often have the funds to line their pockets… I got started on this whole rant because I looked at the ingredients in my favorite breakfast cereal (whole grain large shredded wheat by General Mills) and realized it contains BHT.. did a search and found this site… so thank you for the information on that fabulous poison!! Wish I had known all this when my son (just turned 20) was born… I feel like I have been unknowingly poisoning him all this time…

  14. Just because a chemical has a name you aren’t familiar with that happens to be in food products does NOT inherently make it unsafe. All the negative side effects listed in this post are just as true for an alcoholic beverage.

    Also, just because a chemical has versatile used, does not make it dangerous or unhealthy. Every application listed to make BHT seem harmful also uses water in the same processes.

    @LA and Jackie. Toluene is a much different compound than butylated hydroxytoluene. Think of chlorine and sodium chloride. One is incredibly toxic and dangerous, while the other is table salt. Scientific names are means of identifying the structure of a compound, not its uses, benefits or harms.

    I agree we should eat healthier and less processed foods. I just thinks its ridiculous to think that everything out there is going to kill us.

  15. Just because a compound is used in industrial contexts such as “jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid” does not make it inherently unsafe. Obviously, one shouldn’t think of ingesting these products, but moreso because of the other ingredients they contain (i.e. toxic solvents). BHT is present in these mixtures of chemicals for the same reasons it is in foods- as an antioxidant.

    Additionally, it should be kept in mind that data from the MSDS is mostly relevant to workers handling large quantities of product. For example, a worker who must measure amounts of this from a barrel cold accidentally inhale a large amount of dust

    The difference between medicine and poison is the dose, after all…

  16. Just for reference, most Migraine Diets contain a ban for BHT. Apparently, most chemical food additives are bad for migrainers but BHT is by far the worst. My neurologist has me on a migraine diet [which is actually mostly healthy foods!] so there are a LOT of things I can’t eat. ~sigh~

    @OrganicPusher: For those who happen to be on a migraine diet, vegan or vegetarian diets are pretty much impossible. The very things that are used for non-meat protein in those diets are banned in migraine diets; no legumes, no typical beans [green beans/wax beans are ok], no tofu [soy-based], no nuts, no pretty much anything protein that isn’t meat or meat by-product [eggs/milk/etc].

    @The originator of the article, THANK YOU! I’ll be printing this out and taking it to my neurologist.

  17. I like to stay away from “also used in” scarephrases. That can lessen effectiveness of argunents, if not backfire. Consider water — also used in weed killers, paint, radiator fluids, toilet cleaner, artificial maple syrup, window cleaner…. Awful stuff! 😉

  18. someone mentioned on this board that they use sunscreen and its first ingrediant is BHT.

    Another great source for a sunscreen is Cocanut Oil, that you cook with. It takes a little bit, but it is a natural barier and will allow vitamin D to be created on your skin naturally.

    Try it. It is edible as well, because you cook with it.

    And there is not BHT in it.

    U can find it in any health food store. Completely natural And it allows you to brown, without burning.

    I have fair skin, I burn everytime, but I tried the Oil and it was amazing.

  19. I agree, all chemicals [and many plants] have the ability to sicken or kill depending on dosage. However, there are certain things than are almost universal in the American diet which are almost impossible to avoid.

    Have you ever noticed how many items have soy in them, for instance? Soy protein, soy lecithin, soybean flour, vegetable [ie, soybean] oil? It’s almost impossible to buy premade bakery products, pizza, even crackers that don’t contain some type of soy–even some instant oatmeals have it!

    This is also true [to a lesser extent] for BHT. It’s present in virtually ALL dry cereals, in many cookies and crackers, even in BREADS, and a large variety of other foods and compounds.

    For those of us who are barred from ingesting those items due to allergies or illness, it makes a diet miserable. I could give you an example of my daily menu [only dinner varies… ever], but it would depress me.

    As for fear-mongering, I think there’s a lot of very good information in this comment section. The fact that some people may be avid opponents doesn’t make everything that’s been said irrelevant.

    It’s also nice to see that I’m not entirely alone with some of my dietary problems.

  20. I have been trying to live by Michael Pollans book “Food Rules.” One rule is to eat only foods with 5 or less ingredients and another is to be able to pronounce all of the ingredients. I thought I was doing good and saw a couple of my “good” foods had this BHT in it. This just disgusts me and that NOBODY is questioning it (Except for us few). I guess what my life needs is COMPLETE simplicity in all aspects. Life is sweet as it is. I dont need to have all this crap added to make it taste good. God has given us so much and we have ruined it.

  21. Great Post!! I just started eating some snack, and was looking up the ingriedients at the side of the box, and read that BHT is added last to the snacks packaging. I was curious what it was, and..Well… here I am!! I have one more in the list of hundreds of chemicals and materials to avoid. Thanks to your website! Great stuff!! Thank you!!! Keep the truth on product/material info coming!!!!

  22. A chemical is a chemical. No way around it folks. Its un-natural to put a man made chemical “They” “Think” is safe and tell us it’s safe in our foods. Critically think about it.

    A chemical free organic apple, free of pesticides, chemically based fertilizer, and who knows what else the corperate apple may have in it to “Preserve” taste and shelf life.
    An apple grown with Montesanto seeds, sprayed with man made pesticides, chemicals and who knows what else.

    I choose my own garden and apple tree.

  23. I have been using BHT for 31 years and have had nothing but excellent results. I will continue to use it until I die. I use it as a life extention material and to control herpes. I have not had a outbreak of herpes for more than 30 years and only then because I let my supply run out. It is effective against all lip coded viruses and is use as a super antioxidant.

    • I am glad I saw your comment in all these posts. I was going to buy BHT to control herpes as it is getting out of control and BHT was recommended. But then I found this article and was reconsidering. Now I am not sure if to go for it or not.

      • For cold sores I have used Campho Phenique for 64 years.
        As soon as I notice the tingling, or have have a sore or blister develope I apply it several times a day. It takes away any pain, too.

        • The virus that causes cold sores lives dormant in your body. Every time you have an outbreak, IF you have a healthy immune system, the virus gets weaker. It’s kind of like if you cut something in half over and over there’s always something left, but eventually, IF you eat healthy and keep a potent immune system, it will become virtually non existent or die alltogether. It takes years, but it’s something to look forward to. I know from experience that this is true.

  24. hey, that is its chemical name, but in reality it is extracted from pork fat, so pork farmers wont throw the fats aways, they use it in millions products… it is horrible, but they do nt wanna tell the truth to people, if they would, muslims will never buy their products, because pork is forbidden in Islam.

  25. I too was trying to buy products that listed only one or two simple ingredients. The only cereals we would buy was Post Shredded Wheat and Quaker’s Oatmeal. We loved the shredded wheat because it came with an advertisement that said “Nothing to Hide.” But it too listed wheat and BHT in the packing material. It isn’t right to take a 23-letter chemical and reduce it to 3 letters to calm the consumer. It looks so innocent. I am going to Post’s website and try to get some answers. Why doesn’t someone offer these products with shorter but safer self lives? (Interesting comments from those who use it to control hepati

  26. BHT has been shown to kill lipid enclosed viruses eg warts,hepatitis c and herpes. it has also been reported to elongate the lives of mice, with potentials for increased human life span so lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater

    • Exactly. I don’t want that in my food. I copied and pasted the following from the naturalnews.com site:

      “The “dynamic duo” BHA and BHT, both used to preserve products and fight fungus, have both been linked to allergic reactions, hyperactivity, rashes, asthma, and other health problems. In studies BHT has caused various disorders in animals, such as reduced body weight, increased blood cholesterol levels, and birth defects.

      America is consuming mass amounts of chemicals put in foods and drinks. Both BHA and BHT are carcinogens that are prominent in potato-chips, cookies, cakes, carbonated drinks, chewing gum, shortening, lard, vegetable oils, margarine, cheese spreads, ice cream, dry cereals, cosmetics, and medical drugs.

      If you see the phrases, “as a preservative” or “for added freshness,” you can be sure it’s for your own good, right? Wrong. In the United States of America, carcinogens like BHA & BHT (butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene) are widely used to preserve freshness, keep foods from going rancid, and prolong product shelf life, all while trading in consumer health and wellness for wider profit margins.”

      Read the rest of the article here:

      I no longer purchase products from giant companies like Kelloggs, Nabisco, ConAgra, etc. In order for them to mass produce their crap and protect their profits they use mass produced ingredients (like GMO corn, wheat, and soy)and additives (BHT!). I would advise everyone to start shopping elsewhere to find better food choices. These products are not on the shelf at your local chain grocery store and certainly are not carried at Walmart. Eating safer, healthier food involves more time, money and effort not only cooking but shopping too. Don’t trust anyone especially the FDA when it comes to your food. The FDA is just doing it’s main job. Protecting the agricultural and pharmaceutical giants that own them by the suppression of the truth. That is their one and only purpose. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

      • well said Avonti – just because the FDA approves a ‘product’ does not deem it safe by any means – it usually means run the other direction
        it is not about our safety it is about lining their pocketbook – you know that most everything that has been ok’d is because some company paid them off – has been that way for years and is just getting worse everyday and this BHT thing was new to me so had to look it up as many did and that is how I got here.
        To those that it helps then more power to ya – but for those of us that have been having issues with one thing or another, glad it has been an eye opener for what is most likely causing that issue to start with – I am so sick of our corrupt government and what it is doing to our health as well as our country – MAY GOD HELP US ALL!

    • That’s excellent, if it’s true. But I don’t take drugs to lower my blood pressure or pain meds every day because I don’t have any of that. Why would I want to eat BHT every day because someone says it helps diseases I don’t have? If someone has a disease and studies show a certain chemical helps, and you trust the studies, go for it. That does not mean I want it in my food. I think some of you who keep saying this stuff over and over about the diseases it helps are missing the point of why people don’t want it in foods. Studies show that chemotherapy helps kill cancer, so we should put those chemicals in our food and water and maybe we can eradicate cancer! 😉

  27. Its also in Chewing Gum. I just googled this because I saw it on the ingredient list on Trident White gum. On the package it says “To Maintain Freshness”.

  28. I try to avoid BHT, BHA and TBHQ like the plague. Guess where I just found it? In my Infant’s Advil. Like our infants need this garbage? Like sodium benzoate isn’t enough of a preservative that they now have to add butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). Add in the artificial flavor and color and we have wonderful chemical cocktail to feed our babies!

  29. For exact numbers, the FDA allows 0.02% BHT upon fat content of any product while meat products contain less than 0.01% BHT, so we’re talking about 100 micrograms per gram of fat which less than one millionth of what is considered to be the lethal dose. Quantities that small like Gabe pointed out can actually be beneficial to humans.

    Numbers were obtained from A.L. Branan’s article “Toxicology and biochemistry of butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene”

  30. In Greece the cornflakes that I buy don’t contain BHT. The exact same cornflakes (Frosties) don’t have the same ingredients.

    One reason could be that BHT is banned in Europe as a food additive like many other food colorings and artificial additives.

    I live in Canada, many products that I eat that I used to eat back in Greece don’t have the same ingredient list and they are the same products/brands.

    For instance Nuttela in Greece has no modified ingredient but in canada it has and the product list is big. Generally in Greek food market you will have to try hard to find modified food. The only widely used modified ingredient I see is modified startch and all these products come from USA directly with no Greek letters on the package (just a fake sticker) We all avoid it of course.
    Also , the poor Greece uses so much bio-food into our houses that the rich Canada/USA widely avoid it ! This is the weird part. I asked for a BIO-Section in a supermaket here in Canada and they stared at me like I was from another planet.

    So, why Canada has to follow the same toxic experiment in foods like they do in USA. Canada is the pet of USA ?
    So Monsanto has power over Canada just because they speak the same language like in USA ? I remember Monstanto tried to bring modified foods in Europe throughout England (So Monsanto uses english-spoken countries to achieve the results).

    Anyway, just assumptions. I just cant believe what I see in some juices in Canada whereas in greece they would never sell such waste-products to kids. I didn’t expect that from Canada, I thought they were more aware than USA but I guess that USA is stronger and does whatever it wants and Canada i first in the list because they are NEAR and they also speak the same language so it’s easier to push trash into the canadian food market.

    • Gosh, Greece sounds lovely! With such fresh unmodified food. I’d move there if I could in a split second just based on that fact alone lol Ecspecially since I suffer from so many food allergies.

    • Here in the US Monsanto has started commercials, promoting themselves as a wholesome family company. They’ve spent billions on advertising because there is a small wave of smart consumers going organic and exposing them for who they really are. If they start to loose America, they loose a lot! Many of the stores here have absolutely NOTHING that is organic or non-gmo. So you can imagine how much money they make here. And people here don’t even think twice about their 100% GMO and modified diets.

      I’m hoping Monsanto’s advertising will backfire, making people more aware of what they are eating. Just like I hope the adult immunization programs will backfire, making people more aware of the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines. Both have yet to happen.

  31. I am very concerned about any additives and preservatives. What about oat meal and whole grains for cooking?

    I don’t see BHT listed, or any type of preservative. Is it possible these companies are using preservatives without listing it?

    The reason I ask is because these products have to be protected from mold, so how is it done?

    Thanx Interested if anyone knows?

  32. Im having an argument with the family bc when i looked at Honey bunches of Oats (something they think they can’t live without) I found BHt on the ingredient list. They say it’s okay because it’s only in the packaging and not in the actual food. I’m assuming it’s bad either way but would like to make sure before I pitch the 3 boxes they just bought on sale 😉

          • the packaging is lined with bht. its not actually a part of the packaging. and its not directly mixed into the food. think of it as chicken, placed in a plastic bag that has been lined with flour. The flour still gets all over the chicken as a coating. The bht still gets all over the cereal. At least, thats the way its been explained to me by someone who used to work for general mills.

          • This got me worried a lot because it is what my family mostly eat for cereal. I am going to switch to an safer alternative for now on.

  33. That’s strange, as it is usually added to the cereal. Personally, I wouldn’t want to eat anything that has come in contact with a cancer-causing chemical if I can help it. That, and it’s pretty much a sugar-coated cereal full of GMO ingredients, which isn’t good for you either. I say toss it 🙂

  34. Jeesh….the only way to know that what you’re putting into your body and that of your children is to MAKE IT YOURSELF! It’s ridiculous that we have to be so suspicious of pretty much everything we might consider purchasing, but it’s definitely reality.

  35. My favorite cereal is honey comb, I just brought a box, I haven’t had it in years because I heard BHT wasn’t good for you but never head about it, After reading all this info I’m taking it back to the store and exchange it for a safer. healthier cereal.. Yes I am and I still have the receipt. Thanks everyone for all your comments.

  36. I was trying to say that I never read about BHT before I just heard from word of mouth that it wasn’t good for us, I’m so glad I came upon this info on this site. Thanks everyone 🙂

  37. Read “BHT added to packaging material to ensure our profit because we don’t want our cereal to go bad in under 6 months”. Because after all, who eats cereal in the first 3 months after they purchase it? Haha. God forbid a shelf-stable grocery product have an expiration date four to five months from the time the grocery store receives it. (The manufacturer might have to use partially hyrdrogenated oil as an alternative.)

    Yesterday, I discovered this blurb on a few cereal boxes I had purchased–to my horror. I’ll eat them, but never buy them again.

    Oh, names? Generic Toasted Rice Cereal, Generic Toasted Rice Squares, Generic HBO Strawberries. Really, I don’t need my cereal to last the next 10-12 months! (But maybe it actually would sit on the shelf that long if everyone refused BHT in any form.)

  38. Just so you know..when you put down the cereal and go for the fruits and vegetables, think about that waxy greasy stuff on the tomato or cucumber. Your store does not have to label information on the things that come in bulk. The BHT and other preservatives that come coated on your food are labeled on the box not the food itself. Shop Farmers Markets, Know your Farmer and Grow what you can. My husband and I have went back to preserving many summer foods that we grow for market. And now we are growing this into part of our farm business. Good Luck

  39. I looked up BHT because its in my store brand cheerios! I didn’t know this when I bought it either. Usually I don’t buy anything with ingredients that I don’t know about but I was in a hurry. When I got home and realized it, I decided to look it up. Now I have to return this crap. When will stores start caring more about people than profit?

  40. Just came across a box of
    Wheat Thins in my desk, ate one,and found it to taste fresh. It was crispy. Checked the “Best when used by date” and found it to be 1 year and 4 months ago. The only preservative listed is BHT added to packaging material to preserve freshness. What is this doing to our bodies?

  41. If BHT is in our food even the smallest bit, it is not good for us. Lately my daughter pointed out to me that the outside bag not the box of cereals had been sprayed with BHT for freshness.
    If it is not fresh, don’t buy it. Check the date, and if expired, show it to the store manager and walk away.
    My younger sister recently died of cancer that could have been caused by these kinds ofadditives as she believed in the short cuts that made her food preparation easier and faster. She will never have the chance to correct that.
    Don’t become a statistic, fix it now!

  42. BHT…didn’t know about BHT until just a few days ago, but with an abormal condition I’d been having for a few weeks I sat and made a list of things I’d possibly changed in diet and life in last month or so. I realized I’d changed my deoderant. Well, the deoderant hit far too close to MY abnormal symptoms-very very sore-tender breasts/both. Now this might happen occasionally around my cycle, but NEVER for a full month.
    I compared my old deoderant label with my new one and the only difference in ingredients was BHT. I did some research and stopped using it two days ago, washed clothes and bras that might be contaminated and have noticed the pain and fullness in both breasts has subsided. Related????
    Before finding this sight I read on a harmful ingredients site “healthyhabitat.com” (list lots of harmful stuff) that BHT is also considered a synthetic oestrogen. Breast tissue extends to the armpit…and estrogen can cause breast swelling and tenderness…and BHT does get asorbed into the skin. Yikes!
    Oh yeah the deoderant was Lady Speedstick (but only found BHT in the stainguard one, and not the regular one… and not in any of my husbands deoderants). Take this how you will but I know my body well, and I knew something different was causing the severe tenderness and fullness. A little label reading and research made a difference for me.

    • Wow, that is really disturbing. I know too much estrogen can affect fertility too, and that’s just one more source to watch out for. It really does seem to be in everything, doesn’t it? I think my spring cleaning this year is going to involve knowing the ingredients of the foods and products I use and getting rid of the ones that are secretly poisoning us.

  43. Same with the laundry detergent comment. EDTA is used to Fortify compunds for use wether it be in our grains or products, like stability for detergent. when its in our bodies, Aside from the fact that majority of all things are bad for us in our food you can not compare/make the point that it is bad by what else it is used in. Thats ignorant.

  44. Like Sarah, I realized BHT was in my Bugles, and after reading the MSDS, I sent Betty Crocker (essentially General Mills) a quick email telling them they lost a customer until they got it out of their foods.

    Giving the companies feedback is a useful option, sometimes more useful than just not buying the product because then they know the reason behind the loss in a sale. They also probably know you are going to tell others, especially since this is something that can be toxic. I always take a chance to email my dissatisfaction to companies when I figure out about stuff like this.

    As someone with a science background, I’m not really panicking about this. The dose they give you in food can’t be much and the toxicity is acute which means the harmful effects usually are only seen from a single exposure or multiple exposures in a short time period (within 14 days to be categorized as “acute”). If it was chronic, it may be more worrisome because then the small doses over time would definitely be harmful. However, that’s not saying BHT is safe or could not be chronic (probably hasn’t had too many studies ran for chronic toxicity; acute is what companies care about because you get sick right after using their product and the two are easily linked).

    Just some thoughts. I will be removing it from my diet where I can.

  45. It’s also in StoveTop stuffing mix. Had it last night, hours later I woke up drenched in sweat, dizzy, with my stomach in pain, and feeling like I might vomit, Before I realized, my son had it today, and mere minutes later he was crying in pain, and didn’t want to continue eating anything, I took him to the bathroom where he promptly…erm…voided his bowels, and felt much better. I had it tonight again before I realized. ..Tonight oughta be fun…

  46. I went to the store yesterday and decided to buy some Kelloggs Rice Krispies. I looked at the ingredients first and it stated it has BHT. I had never heard of BHT so I bought the cereal, but I said was not going to open it until I did some research to find out what BHT is. Well, back to the store the cereal goes.

  47. I just realized how much “healthy” foods contain so many bad things for us and our children! I for one am messaging all these companies as everyone on here should be too! Let them hear it from the people who keep them in business!

  48. I finally figured out that I have a facial swelling reaction when consuming a product with BHT. Every time I eat a Chex cereal it happens. There is nothing in Chex to which I am allergic, but my eyelids swell and get itchy every time I eat it. I am absolutely sure it is BHT. No more BHT in anything for me!

  49. i had a lady in Fortinos tell me how removing BHT from her sons diet helped improve his attention span and had increassed focus on tasks. Where or haow do you find lists of products containing BHT? would they use it in the packaging of products or just the product themselves?

  50. This is just stupid. Why would they do this? I just looked at the ingredients of the Kellogs Corn flakes.. and there as the last ingredient is BHT. I mean like seriously? you want to preserve shelf life to save your self money and poison millions in the process? im going natural from now.. this is getting far to frequent.

  51. I finally decided to check on this thing. Yup, I just f **kin’ knew it. Just knew it couldn’t be something inert to use as a preservative…. Sad. So it was in my Stater Bros. Bite-Sized Shredded Wheat (Store brand). So that’s a shame. They just had to go and ruin something really healthy. FYI, I have 2 Kashi cereals in there and neither one of them had BHT listed. Hopefully that means they DON’T have it! For now I’ll take their word for it as they seem like a conscious company. Glad im finally becoming aware to this!! It’s funny. I remember looking at the cereal boxes as a kid when I would eat breakfast, and I would see “BHT” on there a lot, and I always wondered what that was, since I could recognize most if not all of the other stuff listed.

  52. Trader Joe’s DOES sell GMOs. (They sell Kashi cereals, for example.) Their house brand does not contain GMOs, though.
    If it’s not BHT, it will be some other toxic ingredient. Toss the processed crap and just eat eggs from chickens that didn’t eat processed crap . . .

  53. Just bought a box of Kellog’s Frosted Mini Wheats only to realize that it has BHT as well! Needless to say, it will be the last box of them I will ever buy.

  54. It seems most cereals have BHT in them. My daughter loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch, well doing my homework I found “Mom’s Best Cereal” brand cereal called Toasted Cinnamon Squares and she loves them just as much and they do not have BHT in them. That brand also has other flavors/kinds of cereals as well.

  55. Thanks to all of you for your information. I too am in the process of eating/living cleaner (and it has been an adventure), and in the good old U.S. even with our abundances, it is a most difficult task.

    I wanted to add my two cents regarding shopping : Whole Foods is currently in a project that by 2018 (I think) thier stores will be 80% non-GMO, which is a huge feat. I am lucky to have close by (30 minutes away) to where I live now but that wasn’t always the case so I have sympathy for those with limited access to healthier shopping. Not to mention the cost (don’t get me started!) but it is what it is. The poorer amongst us don’t get a break here either…myself included at the moment. However one day I quietly decided that my family and I are worthy of healthier food at least better choices of food and I am making it work.

    Another tidbit regarding shopping is to look up and keep an eye on Trader Joe’s reputation. A good question that I asked myself is where does TJ’s get their food? They do not produce all of their products (I do not know the % of brand name product they produce) so where do they get it? How good is the reputation of the people they purchase from? These questions came to light when I found out about the honey I have been using (as I switch off from sugar and artificial sweetener) from TJ. You can check it out yourself if you want. I guess my point is to ask the questions, get informed, make healthful decisions.

  56. Thank you! This was very informative. I have always wondered what BHT was because it is an ingredient in many gluten free foods. That makes it even more frightening! These are supposedly healthy foods that contain this nasty preservative. I know I’ll be reading labels much more carefully! I don’t want embalming fluid in my body until I’m dead.

    • You read it wrong… They said that the ingredient BHT is also used in embalming fluid… Not that it IS embalming fluid. I use eggs to make both omelets and cakes…. does that mean that an omelet is a cake?
      Or a more relatable one:
      Water is an ingredient in antifreeze which I use to cool the engine in my car. But that doesn’t mean I should avoid all foods with water in it does it?

      I’m not arguing that this stuff isn’t bad for you. I’m trying to expose that articles throw meaningless data in here meant to scare you.

  57. I recently was “enlightened” about all the junk (BHT, BHA, TBHQ, etc) in our food when searching for a natural way to help my 8yr old with difficulties focusing at school. In my research, I was appalled that I had ever let my children put any of that into their bodies. I immediately made a change in our diets. Within 5 days, not only did she tell me it seemed a little easier to focus at school, but her handwriting went from that of a kindergartner to what looked like a 4th or 5th grade level. Not only that, but she had struggled with bed-wetting her entire life, She had been having an accident every night- but 5 days after getting rid of those chemicals- she was dry AND has been since!
    If only 5 days could make such a difference, imagine the benefits my children will now have from being free from all that JUNK!

  58. Might as well not eat anything. Kashi: GMO pro. Forget that. Anything canned has a plastic lining containing BPA. Propylene glycol which is a petroleum based lubricant is added to EVERYTHING that is processed. Guar Gum and Carageenan a preservative-also in virtually everything. The list of carcinogens is endless….

  59. I also just read on Web MD BHT is used to treat genital herpes and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

    Some people apply BHT directly to the skin for cold sores.

    I have never heard of BHT until I read this article then googled it to find out more information and then I found the this information.

    • There is a reason there are ingredient labels. READ THE LABEL …..then purchase or not! Most all processed foods have some sort of preservative or else you would be eating foods with mold and bacteria which would be even worse for your well being. “Organic” Granola for example is a processed food. Many equate processed foods with only fast foods but processed means just that. It’s no longer in it’s natural state. It’s been processed. Consider opting for WHOLE NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS and you will avoid many of the ingredients so many of you are railing against. The bottom line is no one is forcing you to buy these products. Take responsibility for your own food choices and stop blaming every one else for what you chose to buy and eat. There are plenty of food options that are not processed and filled with questionable ingredients. You CHOOSE to eat sugar laden cereals, processed wheat products, really unhealthy snacks and then complain about health and hazards! Amazing! Educate yourself, make informed decisions and take responsibility for your choices!

  60. This harmful chemical has been introduced into every brand of cereal why because your children eat it everyday. When I emailed kelloggs and general mills and asked why they put BHT in their breakfast cereal. Their response was a coupon for the very product I was complaining about. I have stopped buying cereal and suggest everyone else do the same till they REMOVE THIS HARMFUL CHEMICAL!

  61. I was just reading the box of vitamin drops ‘pediaVit’ the nurse gave my 18month old son . I was instructed to give him 1mL a day &i noticed one of the ingredients was BHT. It’s crazy this would be in a baby’s vitamins that is said to help teeth &bones.! After reAding &knowing what BHT is I will not be giving my son these vitamins . Most definitely won’t be . It’s very important we’ll all as parents watch out what we are giving to our children.!

  62. I have recently noticed that foods past the expired date are giving off a foul taste and odour that I never encountered earlier in my life. Expired food just became stale or moldy. I personally believe that food manufacturers are deliberately adding a substance that in itself goes rancid to force people to throw away food when it is probably still good. When I was growing up , from the later sixties, I have never encountered this before. What is up with this? A marketing scheme to force people to throw away food long before it actually is rotten and unsafe to eat. Any one notice this?

  63. Most of the things we consume contains BHT. It is difficult for companies to produce these products without it because it will go bad by the time it reaches store shelves. Unfortunately this is what us as consumers have to deal with. It is a growing problem in today’s world.

  64. Hi there,

    I was just reading the label on one of my cosmetics and found BHT in there. The company “Fresh” cosmetics is sort of marketed as a more natural type of cosmetic and beauty product. Unfortunately, many of their products contain BHT. I got curious about this ingredient after looking up BHT and reading this post. Come to find out SOOOOOO many beauty products (even your favorite “high end” ones) contain BHT. Here are just a few that I found in just a couple minutes going through my beauty products: Lancome Tresor perfume, Burberry Body perfume, Fresh Black tea eye cream, STILA lip glaze, Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream, Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette. I’m sure the list could go on and on and on. It sickens me to know that so many companies are using these horrible ingredients. Its no wonder that people are getting all kinds of cancer and such. Just wanted to throw it out there that we all need to read the labels and learn what is actually in everything we use and consume. Just because you pay a lot of money for it doesn’t mean it is any “better” than anything else. In reality it could be worse for you!

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  66. BHT Alone brought my Hep C from 21,00,000 IU/mL 03 to 761,240 before i went SVR . And even though i am, SVR I will keep taking 360 miligrams every day until the day that i’am no longer , Just to let you scardies know I have had HeP C for 40 years and I’ am 72 years old. So stop crying about BHT >

    • Thanks Moe for this info. I will be ordering some.
      Scardies….yes I agree. Just stop eating crappy food. Everything is contaminated these days. It is systemic now. Just do the best you can and stay away from supermarket food. I had to giggle at the person who commented about it being in “advil” and having to check. Oh my!!

  67. UUGGGG, why does the Government have to ruin good delicious foods?
    I was in my class room, and I put a piece of gum in my mouth. ( I love gum, but not anymore), when I found out that you are actually chewing plastic, and I also looked up bht. EEEEWWWW
    Who in the world makes gum from fat? YUCK!! I am so grossed out right now.

  68. People, especially Americans, are just so… (fill in the blank) okay, agreed, corporations will often shuck our health for profits. Anyone who denounces that is naively dangerous. Having said that, look at some of the people and even children around the world who eat things that we would find completely unhealthy, and yet we still have the highest cancer rates. Instead of worrying about your cornflakes, why not try to eat less animal fat which is a predominant link to cancer. I think being happy and not always screaming “oh my God there’s BHT in my granola” could be the link to less fear & stress, which will equal less cancer.

    • You sound like you have been eating BHT by the truckload and it’s destroyed your brain leaving you a halftard!! Please go back to coloring and stay out of grown ups conversations.

  69. We avoid all BHT and BHA and TBHQ. All of these ingredients as well as artificial dyes as they cause horrible behavior issues in my children. More so with my some with ADHD. It’s very unfortunate America is so behind the times in terms of healthier food. Or I guess that Americans will eat garbage just to make it cheaper. The more we buy it, the more they’ll make it.

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  71. BHT is currently my prime suspect in severe abdominal and back pain, joint problems,nausea, vomiting and headaches. Avoiding foods with preservatives eliminates all of these issues.

  72. Been getting sick from breakfast cereal since i was a kid. Never realized it was cereal until recently, just got heart palpation’s and weakness. Yes, BHT is bad at least for me. There should be a warning label just like there is for people who are allergic to nuts! Doctors never could figure it out. Its ok to poison us a little at a time as long as its not a sudden death and we make good profits from it, doctors do liver transplants and have lots of drugs for the negative effects of the shitty food we eat.

  73. Just don’t eat it, Triscuits have nothing but whole wheat, oil and salt. Yummy. Also, check the Nabisco Shredded Wheat, unless they have added BHT in the last couple of weeks, it is clean.

  74. I just read the list of ingredients in my can of gillette foamy shave cream and YUP there is BHT in it. Buyer beware !!! I’m going back to bar soap in a cup and if shaving brush….WTF !!!!

  75. About two weeks ago I purchased an organic granola at Costco for a snack for after I get home from the l at the Ymca. The third day after eating some I started to get bloated, short of wind, feeling disoriented and as taken to the hospital. I have several food allergies so figured that’s what it was. Thy gave me Benedryl and sent me home. I have severe muscle pain, confusion, and when I exercise it causes severe muscle pain. I believe this product has BHT in it. It stores in your fat which makes since that it comes and goes all the time. The pressure in my head was like a migraine and anytime I lied down I got a migraine. Had a low grade headache for two weeks 24/7. I couldn’t touch the top of my scalp, about a six inch circle as the pressure inside my head and a spot between my eyes were so painful. I had pressure behind my left eye and it is still making my vision blurry. My doctor didn’t know what to do so said to let it wear off. To weeks later I am still experiencing the same muscle pain . I gave the granola to my neighbor o don’t have the container, but am going to Costco tomorrow to read their label. Be willing to bet that BHT is the culprit. I will let you know.

  76. Last I heard, no one has dibs on longevity – no matter what you eat, how much you exercise and whether longevity runs in the family. Death happens….Vegetarians get cancer as do non smokers , Enjoy the cereal if you like it and eat the cake if you want 🙂 I love this cereal and guess what it has BHT in it!!!! I can promise you one thing …. you’re more likely to die on your way to the store

  77. If you like to stay away from this ingredient, I recommend eating only fresh fruits, veggies, meats, etc. Every packaged food or cosmetic product has BHT. Yes, even flavoring agents such as sauces and flavoring powders…So that leaves us to ONLY fresh grown produce, raw meats, salt, sugar, and maybe msg. So what’s there left to eat? Try running a couple hours a week and eating healthy. Suck up your imperfect body type. I have a rather large midsection for my size—115 pounds, 5’3 (30 yrs old)…I jog or run half hour 4 times a week, work out abs and arms 4 times a week, all together with constant moving. I have a gut that was never a six pack. Would you sacrifice your tastebuds?? There are things people will never be able to get away from. Plus, it’s probably not this ingredient causing all these problems anyways. It’s just the selected population for the study.

  78. ‘1. The synthetic phenolic antioxidants (e.g. BHT, BHA) added to human and animal food are able to lengthen the life of organisms and lower the incidence of cancer caused by chemical compounds. 2. On the other hand they may not be rendered completely harmless since they can cause lung damage (BHT) or promote the action of some carcinogens (BHA).’
    Found this rather quickly. Without going into it in depth, I personally wouldn’t consume it. I need to research what the acceptable levels ARE. One study says: ‘ 6. The acceptable daily intake of BHA is at present considered to be 0.6 mg kg-1 body wt day-1.’ Six tenths of a microgram per kilogram of bodyweight

  79. Given the choice between BHT and rancid food (which easily can cause a stroke), give me BHT ( and add some fat soluable vitamin C to that). Add that mix to extra virgin oils as soon as I open the bottle.

  80. http://www.snopes.com/food/ingredient/tsp.asp

    that link talks about Trisodium Phosphate. I am not a chemist, and I don’t claim to know if things are good or bad. I just try to stay away from processed foods and have them occasionally, because I can’t make cereal and every now and then I need a quick meal.
    I know people who eat foods like this day and night, so accumulation of bad for you stuff is inevitable. Vary your diet, try more fruits and veggies, stop with CONSTANT juicing already (so much sugar not enough fiber!), and drink lots of water. Throw in some exercise and good sleep. If you can make it at home, do so. If you can make it at home but don’t want to take the time, then it’s probably not a need, so skip it for now. Just my OPINION and advice. Like I said, I am not a nutritionist, but I personally have seen what falling off a healthy lifestyle and trying to get back on that horse will do to a body.

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  83. These comments are stupid. Just because one ingredient is in o9ne thing doesn’t mean it is bad in another.

    Water is often used as an ingredient in cleaners and makeup… but they also add it to FOOD!! WHOA!

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  85. BHT is not all bad. I have done some research and found that BHT can help prevent a Herpes outbreak. For myself, it definitely works and it seems like a miracle because nothing else I’ve tried has done anything. The minute I feel a slight tingle, itch, pain where I usually get the herpes viruse, I will take a BHT capsules. Amazingly, it stops it in it’s tracks! I was having outbreaks every month or two and now it’s been 6 months since I’ve had an outbreak.

    I don’t know if it would be wise to take it every day, but I do know it works for me when I need it.
    Also, I make my own Sunscreen and plan on adding a few capsules of BHT to the mixture so it will last longer.
    My recipe makes quite a bit for one person so I want it to keep for awhile.

    Not everything is pure evil. There seems to be too much fear mongering going on about so many things and that’s why so many of us are subject to anxiety.

  86. Your worri ed about BHT? The USA is the richest country in the world…its all about the mighty dollar. Nothing you eat (unless you grew it yourself or know its 100% natural) is bad for you. Cancer…..no cure???? they can send a man to the moon and they cant cure cancer???? Its too much of a money maker….the pharmaceutical companies and the government go hand in hand. Log on to PETA.ORG and see how our food is handled…meat, chicken, eggs, fish, pork….its all no good. Steroids, antibiotics…the conditions they live in…most animals are so sick and they still feed it to everyone….oh sorry…they “never use antibiotics” because it was BANNED…wonder what they are using now???? Educate your self…that’s the best thing we can do. Good luck everyone!!!

  87. Just another reason we need to bring down the government!They allow poison in our food to make us sick so they can make money off the health care cost and medical bills.How do they get away with thiss?You let them!

  88. I had Colon Cancer 8 yrs. ago., and now cancer free; after 7 mo of chemo,back then , that destroys your body.
    I only take vitamins and a low dose aspirin now.
    I have been looking up food additives on here and it makes you sick to read what is in our foods.
    I am in my late 80’s and grew up on a farm with good eating, and drinking cow’s milk from grass fed cows , and our
    own chickens eggs and everything else on a farm. At 79 I got colon cancer from probably today’s foods. Now I still
    battle diarrhea because of the foods we eat.,I throw box after box of foods away because of their labels. I am now baking my own bread and cooking from scratch and
    I have been able to get off diarrhea medicine I have been taking for 8 yrs. You have to be your own Doctor and nutrient adviser if you want to get well and be healthy once again. I think I will make it to 90 and beyond because I am thinking for myself and not leaving it up to the doctors, who haven’t figured themselves out yet.

  89. For Cold Sores try NOW brand L-Lysine 500 mg 1 daily. It’s an Amino Acid. If cold sore returns increase dosage to one 3 times a day. You will never have to deal with cold sores again.

  90. I don’t agree with the premise of this article. I take 850mg a day of BHT in pill form to guard against every strain of influenza, herpes, HIV and shingles viruses. I have no issues other than never getting the flu anymore. I used to be out for a week every year with the flu.

  91. I am 100% for an all natural no chemical fully organic lifestyle. I live it. But BHT is one of the only man made things (maybe the only thing) I will take from time to time as it’s one of the only things that gets rid of coldsores within 24-48 hours max. Combined with monolaurin/vitamin c/lysine even better. But the BHT is a powerful element in that as it kills lipid coated viruses like few other things. I’ve had detox symptoms/herx reactions after taking a low maintenance dose for a few months. The same happened with monolaurin and another natural anti viral blend. Bht happened quickest however. I’m guessing it could completely rid the body of herpes simplex if you muscled through the herx reaction, which I wimped out of. I believe some people have done this and tested negative for herpes afterwards.
    So in low doses is it worth the risk? Perhaps. I take C60 and other detox things daily so I would hope it isnt accumulating anywhere.
    Like I said I am fully about the natural life but i wouldnt be surprised if this is found in nature somewhere we just havent realised it yet. It is extremely effective against herpes at least. So dont throw the baby out with the bath water just yet.

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  97. BHT is in Rogaine Foam. I used the product for a year and then developed a brain tumor. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I have a hard time believing that. I suspect the BHT. Biggest regret of my life.

  98. I have taken 1000 mg of BHT daily since Jan 1976 (46 years) because it extends the lifespan of rats. I’m in perfect health, 84 years old, look maybe 65 years old.
    I’m upping my ingestion to 1500 mg per day because I learned that BHT lowers the hormones LH and FSH.

  99. Guys some foods contain Dihydrogen Monoxide, read about it. Awfull. So many chemicals in foods we eat these days… Stop consuming Dihydrogen Monoxide. 100% people consuming it, dies. Scientifically proven fact.

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