Buy Once, Buy For Life: American Made Sunglasses


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Shuron Ltd. has been making glasses since 1865 and continues to this day. With tons of different frames available, chances are you can find one that fits you just right.

Gatorz brand sells all sorts of glasses for sporting and leisure activities. It offers a two year warranty for aluminum sunglasses and a one year warranty for plastic sunglasses, covering breakage and defects due to material and/or workmanship.

How about some sunglasses made out of wood? Capital Eyewear based in California handmakes some beautiful sunglasses that I imagine most anyone would be proud to own. Constructed of responsibly-sourced American Hardwoods, wood eyewear helps reduce the sea of junk plastic.

Warby Parker may not be made in the US, but from what I have heard they are quality pieces that come with an added bonus: every order sends a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need. Stylish frames and decent prices included.

The next time you need some, I hope you’ll consider buying quality American made sunglasses. In the long run, it pays to pay a little more now so the things you own will last a while and not end up in a landfill just months after you buy them.

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  1. Capital eyewear is no longer in business and Warby Parker is Not made in USA and should have no place in this article.

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