How To Remove Yourself From The RedPlum Mailing List

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If you don’t receive a mailbox full of junk mail from RedPlum every day, you are missing out. Okay, not really – but what you are missing out on is the chance to fill up your recycling bin every few days just from their mailings. Oh, and also the chance to ask yourself daily “how can I remove myself from redplum mailing list?”

RedPlum sends out coupons and assorted other junk mail on a near constant basis, making it the number one thing that my mailman has to lug around with him all day. The “deals” inside all that paperwork aren’t anything of real value – unless you count printing up millions of tons of paper, mailing it around the country, and then recycling it all again unread – a real value. It seems that no matter what you do they get your mailing address and proceed to inundate you and your family with enough paper to keep warm with during winter.

Thankfully, you can ask to get off the list. All you have to do is go over to the Mailing Add-Remove page of their website, scroll down to the Add/Removal Form section, fill it out, and hit SUBMIT. They say it could take 5-6 weeks to become effective, so in that month and half waiting period you can expect to receive – due to my non-exact mathematically-challenged guess – about 39 more pounds of freshly cut down trees covered in useless coupons.

remove myself from redplum mailing list

Near the front of my building there is a bin for everyone to drop their paper recycling in as they pull it out of their mailboxes. 99% of the time the only thing in the bin are these circulars from Red Plum, piled high each day for the landlord to move to the back. Let’s stop the madness. If you do not read the junk mail coming to your house, do something about it to stop it; don’t let it continue to arrive only to be pushed directly into the recycling stream. You can stop RedPlum with an investment of about 48 seconds of your time. More than 100 million trees are destroyed each year to produce junk mail.

Make it happen. Click through to the Mailing Add-Remove page and rid yourself of the Red Plum circulars.

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  1. I have tried so many times to get this stopped. I live in an apartment complex where the mail-person simply puts a stack of these on the floor. They aren’t counted out for individual tenants, and the other tenants don’t want to bother with trying to get removed. Since the other tenants haven’t complained they still arrive weekly (not daily at least). I collect them and drop them in the recycling bin to keep the area cleaned up.

      • I would like to stop the advertising in our Community, this is an assistant living and our residents are not into these coupons.. its a waste to paper. We get them every week, approximately over 80 of them and it all goes in the trash..

        • Hi Sonia,

          I’m working on the same issue right now. I actually managed to get a customer service rep at Valassis on the phone. You need to call them pretending to be an advertiser and demand to speak with a supervisor or manager. You’ll likely get hung up on several times before you reach someone willing to help. The only way to get them to stop delivering their junk mail, is to send a community petition to them. I’ve left messages asking how to proceed with submitting said petition and have of-course received no response.

          At the moment, I’m writing a letter to my congressman to see if there is something to be done to stop this unacceptable and relentless harassment. Given how large my community is, we can haply provide several hundred daily lbs of RedPlum Garbage that our city has to pay to send to landfills. To make matters worse, because of our recycling standards, the vast majority of the RedPlum flier is not recyclable, therefore adding tons of glossy, toxic inks and additional junk to our local landfill.

          The only way to stop this company, is if you get your politician involved, and show that their reckless practices constitute an undue burden for your neighborhood, and an unreasonable expense to your city or township.

          • They are relentless! I have just gotten off the phone with them, took 15 minutes to give them my address after submitting it THREE TIMES! I cannot stand this company!

      • i just want to let you know i have written numerous letters to you your junk mail still comes yet my mail gets returned because there is no room in my mailbox to fit the mail i need, i want this to stop my name is not on them i don’t need them nor want them…it should be illegal for you to keep sending them…after i have written, by the way its been over two months…i live in an apartment building my mailbox doesn’t hold a dozen eggs, yet the mailman continues to stuff your mail in there…please have mercy on us retired people and stop sending them…the poor trees that end up cut down so you can send this junk{there is a reason why they have been given the name junk mail} and why do I even have to be responsible for contacting you…you should be the one to contact me first to see if i want the…this is a disgrace

    • Per the link you have in this page, (Mailing Add-Remove page), here is the result: RedPlum says: ‘ ‘We’re sorry, the page you are looking for is no longer available.’ Nice hey?

  2. I’ve also tried many times to unsubcribe through that link. I live in a rented townhouse, and I still get the RedPlum thing no matter what. Part of it may be that it’s often distributed in plastic bags along with other stuff, and those bags are not addressed to particular households, but just thrown in front of the door. If there is a way to make this stop that actually works, I would love to hear about it!

  3. I’ve been calling and writing letters to those idiots at Red Plum for almost 2 years. It doesn’t stop coming to my apartment. The problem, besides the massive amount of waste, is the mail man will wrap my important mail in the Red Plum junk and if I’m not extremely careful, I throw out the wrong letters.
    Red Plum is useless JUNK!!!! I hope some of the advertisers read this and choose a more effective way to advertise. RED PLUM goes right into the trash, I don’t look at it for one second.

  4. I just picked up 14 Red Plum flyers from my “Snowbird” neighbors driveway. Nothing stops Red Plum from delivering their waste- not even the other 13 un-picked up editions. There must be a way to stop them. Their little bundles are scattered all over the subdivision. I have removed the nail from my mailbox post several times trying to send a message only to find a new nail and another of those dagnabbit flyers.

  5. It’s impossible to file a request to stop their mail: after filling out the entire form, one needs to enter the “validation” letters as they appear. Despite doing it over and over — correctly (double checked by getting the letters spelled out – they refuse to accept the validation. grrrrrr!

  6. WE NEED TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL to DUMP this junk mail on people!!!
    I want to STOP getting this waste of paper mail. I see people dump it right in the garbage!! What a waste of paper! At least I dump mine right in the recycle bin!!! HOW DO WE STOP THIS?????? THEY DO NOT LISTEN!!!

  7. LIke others, I am getting this in a bulk situation where my address won’t matter as it is addressed to BOXHOLDER… and every stinking mailbox at my P.O. has the piles and piles of madness in the recycling bin. Is there someplace to report this kind of resource abuse?

      • You just gave your personal information to a company that is a member of DMA Choice. Good luck with keeping it off any mailing list now. There is no “national do not mail list” and there is “no national do not email list.” They don’t exist within the Federal Government. These are private companies and when you fill out the form online and send it to them, you are giving them propriety use of your personal information. They can utilize it for anything they choose. The key is not to give out you personal information and fight to keep it private. and are organizations that can help you keep it private and keep you off mailing lists. People Finders you’re going to have to literally threaten them with criminal prosecution to have them remove your name from their websites. They sell your information illegally and are in violation of every know Federal Privacy Law.

        • Type in your name and see what comes up. You’ll find your personal information online for sale to anyone who wants it. Be aware there are People Finder Sites that are owned by PROC and have a list of every SSAN number and are just waiting for you to contact them and verify who you are. Be careful!!

          • I am receiving the Redplum junk mail as “Resident”, not under my real name. However, the address is my current one.

  8. Name: “RESIDENT.” That, plus my address, is all Red Plum apparently knows about me yet (which is approximately twice what I would care for them to) and I have tried, like many of your readers, to disengage from this parasitic “Bed Bugs via Post Office” since I moved here one year ago. I have tried calling and leaving messages (which invariably are taken by a machine and never responded to) as well as attempting three time to use their web page (from which I receive no further response once I have entered my information and re-typed their mystery squiggle for the day), left an uncountable number of messages—typed or hand-written—for my own postal carrier, and most exasperating, had at least five personal confrontations with the mulish mail deliverer himself, all to NO AVAIL! I’ve just collected mail for December 24 and am still picking out xmas cards and other rational items from amongst the pages of this accursed and useless tree-murderer before it performs its next task of entirely filling my wastebasket to the top! Thanks for the link; I’ve tried it before. My plan, after the beginning of the new year, is to call the Valassis Corporate Offices to settle this once and for all, or at least to use all the chutzpah I’ve absorbed or can muster from any and all sources, to lay waste to some of their valuable time and resources, just as they do to mine, each time one of their abhorrent “slot-crammers” is stuffed through my door. This is WAR, people! We don’t have to take this! If anyone has pertinent, workable, creative, effective, inspired, brutal, legal, et al., thoughts for laying waste to this little “Waste for a Living” sub-division of one of the numerous multi-national corporate behemoths which control our daily lives in every possible way, it will be a start. I’m hoping Mr. Quilty will be so kind as to leave this conversation open, as I do not presently have a website to receive your ideas. Happy New Year everyone!

    • Awesome, I have been trying to stop the waste of innocent trees since I moved to SoCal. To the point where I purchased a PO box and guess what that chit mail apparently takes precedence over mail addressed to me and my family… the USPS stuff that craps inside of my mailbox damaging mail that is addressed to me and family… From what I read the USPS is the culprits responsible for that junk mail.

      The USPS sells your name and address email and telephone number. You are right buddy this is WAR. I hope you got some type of satisfaction if so please share!

      • Register your address with USPS informed delivery (Home & PO Box – each may need a separate email unless changed recently).

        Use this service to email each sender a removal request – attach the mailers image as reference. Google the return address – normally a companies email is found in their privacy policy.

        If you need more tips – don’t hesitate to ask. I have eliminated my entire neighborhoods unwanted USPS mail – non-first class (aka junk mail), past resident mail, deceased individuals mail, EDDM/ECRWSS/ECRWSH, current resident and alike.

  9. I manage a apt building in Hollywood. We were constantly getting these and not one tenant was taking them and got tired of trashing them. I called the phone company for Red Plum and was told the tenant needed to sign them to be removed. I told them there is not even a name on the address just says resident. I forged all names on them and returned them to compnay. it stoped for a few years now but has just started up again so need to repeat the process.. Bastards!!!!

  10. There is a reason that Red Plum does not respond to requests to purge your name from their lists. They have no list of addresses or people beyond their employee Xmas card list. Unless you work there, you’re not on their list and that’s the end if it as you agreed on the website. Their mailing is simply large bundles sent to every post office that is roughly equivalent in number to the number of residents. They have a list of zip codes and a single number and SIC code for that zip code and from there it’s just box holder or resident. I do not believe it is possible to Remove a single address. Nothing will happen here until Red Plums guys, uncomfortable with the mail that They are receiving. For example a resident of Co-Op City (may be the world’s largest housing development) collects all the plumbs from every building for a year and sends them back to them 4th class, or better, collect. The only way to approach Red Plumb effectively will be to send a strong message to their advertisers. This must be done in a sale that involves sufficiently big ticket items to get the sales man’s attention. After 45 minutes of discussion, make a sudden movement, as if your phone is vibrating. Take it out and then cause your face and complexion to change dramatically. Ask with alarm: “Oh my God! You’re not one of those people supporting global resource waste with Red Plumb placements are you?”. What ever the answer, if you know this vendor is advertising in the subject flyer, quietly inform them that your employer (son, daughter, partner wife minister or other storyteller) is ready to break the relationship with you if you go forward. Direct, but legal, action is the only effective option here. AZ

    You will never be able to remove an address from Red Plumb’s List. Reason: there is no list. You receive their flyers as part of an address order that has a zip code and the term: Box holder or resident. There is no way you are going to get the PO to plow through a pile equal to the residents of your town to find and Remove your box or address. Then there us the status quo. Consider, red plum it’s c I ending of thousands, apparently successfully, by having a Web opt out and then just ignoring it. Also, the USPS gets a great deal of its funding from junk mailers. There is just one effective way to rebuff the Plumb and it is neither easy or certain. Make your feeling felt by their advertising clients. One approach might be to cruise all the way through a complex paper prep for an expensive item, and then reach in your pocket, take out your phone and look with alarm at the screen and say, “Oh my God! You’re not a Red Plum advertiser are you? OK, we’ll sorry, my employer (my mother, my father, my doctor, my children, my favorite affinity group, my pastor, rabbi, priest or other storyteller) does not allow me to purchase from reckless tree harvesters. I really need (your product) can you tell me when the support of Red Plumb will be over?

    • Ridiculous, this is simply false and utilizing God as an excuse for something you should do yourself. USPS gets no funding from junk mailers what so ever. If this were the case, they wouldn’t be losing money nearly every year and wouldn’t have to raise our mailing rates. Exclude the tree huggers please. They have nothing to do with this situation nor would I want them too in anyway shape or form. They’ve caused enough trouble in this country.

  11. I think the trick is that when they ask for you name, you have to put whatever it says on the paper they send, something like *********************ecrwss**C-025 2773
    00218 RESIDENT
    So I filled it out with many variations on that theme because you can’t tell where they make a break, it is intended to be impossible. But I’m going to crack their code. 🙂

  12. I tried calling them about a year ago and asked if I could stop receiving this junk. The guy was very rude, he just asked for my zip code. I said, don’t you need my adress, he said no just your zip. I still continued to get all this trash to this day. The most sad thing is that where I live we do not have recycle bins, so all my neighbors just throw in the dumpster. I get so mad knowing that all this waste could be stopped, but it’s all about the money Red Plum makes.

  13. For those of you who have tried and failed to get off the list the nice way, I suggest that you file Post Office for 1500, “Prohibitory Order” against them. This for prevents a company from sending you “Sexually Oriented” mail. The definition of that term is left to the recipient, so if you think their plum logo looks sexy, you can legally prevent them from sending you mail. 30 days after the PO processes your form, anything they send you is a violation of law. (I am not a lawyer and have not tried this — yet — so take this advice for what it’s worth.)

  14. They’re running a scam on their advertisers. They are able to show very large distribution numbers of their mailer because they refuse to stop sending it, and then they can charge a premium to the advertisers because of those large numbers. If you read the reviews on Yelp and Glassdoor you’ll find that the general public, and their own employees, hate the company. Basically, the company doesn’t seem to have any respect for anyone, or the environment, and all they care about is money. The CEO even took a huge salary when the company was struggling and laying off employees.
    They claim they reach about 90% of American households. Someone should start a class action lawsuit on behalf of all of those households…

  15. File a Postal Form 1500. Additional information the supervisor name for Valassis Communications is; Rob Ryan, Sue no last name refused and was rude along with every member I spoke to each and every time I called. I called no less than 5 times to speak to Rob Ryan. Stick to your guns and file a PS Form 1500 and follow thru. It’s the only way you’re going to get off their list. Rob Ryan stated, “He would intervene with the Postal Service today as soon as he got off the phone with me.

    Here’s the catch to catch them; your name and address are personal to you no one else. They say its public domain but in reality it isn’t. Being personal to you alone and no one else makes it an; Invasion of Privacy, Violation Of the National Privacy Act and Identity Theft, which are all criminal violations of Federal Privacy Laws. If you file the Form 1500 the Federal Government can and will bring criminal charges against them. You determine what is sexually explicit, not them. This forces them to stop by law. You can also go to and take yourself off allot of other mailing lists. Be sure to stand by your rights of privacy and don’t fail to inform them that you are aware of them by law.

  16. Get a rubber stamp “Return to sender”. Stamp every piece of junk and stick it in any outgoing mail box. If there is no return address just open the letter and cut the address out of the return envelope. Paste it to the junk in the return address spot and mail it. It becomes a fun game after a while and can be enjoyable at times. You can GOOGLE “Return to sender images” and hundreds of images will pop up for you to copy and paste them too onto packages or donation request envelopes.

  17. From the looks of things I am probably wasting my time.
    STOP SENDING AD FROM RED PLUM TO 1661 Cleveland Ave. 1670 Cleveland Ave
    San Jose, Ca 95126. San Jose, Ca. 95126

    I asked for cancellation about a year ago and I still receive this crap. PLEASE STOP

    • Looks like you finally were able to remove your addresses from their mailers…

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Our records show that your address was already removed from the Save mailing list. At this time we are no longer printing any Save advertising materials for your address. Please be aware that occasional postal delivery errors could result in receipt of Save mailings intended for other mailboxes.

      Your removal status will remain effective for a period of five years.

  18. I haven’t read over the entire thread so my apologies if this is redundant, but here is the correct unsubscribe address:

    Please note that you will need to unsubscribe from RedPlum’s mailers every 18 or so months. That said, I’ve been doing this for the past 8 years and gladly to invest 1-minute investment every year and a half to not have my letterbox crammed full of wasted paper, ink, and resources.

    Although it says ‘You will NOT be added to any email lists. We only use this to help you with your request.’ … I don’t trust this and give a fake name and email address. I figure, they didn’t have this information before and sent me junk-mail, so they should not need it now to stop sending me junk-mail.

    Furthermore, I take the (probably illegal) liberty of unsubscribing my neighbors. Any neighbors who consistantly drop their RedPlum mailers into the junk mail bin (which is all neighbors) I unsubscribe (also using fake names and email addresses). This takes a bit more time, but again, the time investment is so worth not having to look at the piled up junk mail every week (especially of those neighbors who “just throw it into the street” ~ wth!?).

    Here are other links to reducing junk mail and unsolicited calls, etc. :

  19. It doesn’t matter if you go to the Redplum website and opt-out your address. I did this months ago, and the mailers using my name and address stopped, but the Post Office just delivers the same flyer, with no name, no address, just the date it’s supposed to be delivered, ie. DEL 4/19.

    So, they have Redplums that are addressed to individuals or individual addresses, but they leave one regardless to every house that has even opted out. Surely this is deserves legal attention. They are lying about you being able to remove yourself from receiving their mailer, you’re just removing yourself from receiving one with your address on it!

  20. Add/Removed subscription coupons:
    Page not found (404 error)

    The page or file you were looking for was not found.
    Please make sure that you have typed the correct URL.

  21. I’m starting to get the redplum packet of sale papers with no address. It just has the 5-digit zipcode. I think I’m going to start stuffing them in an outgoing USPS mailbox. There is a handy drive-up mailbox near me.

  22. Got Dunkin coupons today. Called Valassis at 800 437 0479 and the nice man said I’d be off the list by the time we ended our conversation. He said the removal is for 5 years so call back any time to have it renewed.

  23. Redplum materials previously were addressed to our house and I was able to stop delivery for about a year. Now there is just a zip so it’s impossible for them to end the madness even if they wanted to. I just write “REFUSED” in thick magic marker and put the garbage back out in my mailbox. If everyone did that, the poor postal employees would be begging the USPS to stop with the junk mail delivery, too. I write “REFUSED, RETURN TO SENDER” on all the mail that’s impossible to unsubscribe to.
    I’ve pretty much stopped all my junk mail except for the recent Redbox coupons and Cox Communications. Cox are jerks, too. They told me that they “have a right” to send me mail. Hmmm. I get mail from them a few times a month — I doubt if it gets returned to sender but then I happily don’t have to deal with it.
    Unfortunately, not much of what goes into a recycling bin actually gets recycled. One reason is because single streaming isn’t working. My neighbors’ recycling bins are full of trash. It’s depressing. Anyhoo, good luck with helping the earth — just keep unsubscribing to individual companies; you’ll find most people pleasant to deal with.

  24. Can someone create a bot that automatically fills out the red plum direct mail preferences for everyone in a city, state, hell the whole US for that matter. That would really cool. There’s a special place in hell for the management of Valassis

  25. I have already complained 3 times or maybe more to Redplum and, after 1 year, I am still receiving the junk mail from them every week. I even wrote to the Federal Trade Commission about it, but it didn’t help. I am not receiving the junk mail under my own name but as “Resident” and my current mail address, which makes me feel that there is some kind of complicity between Redplum and someone else.

  26. I traced the chain of ownership behind these unwanted mailings, and here is what I found.

    Valassis, the company that prints and distributes the RedPlum / RetailMeNot mailings, is a subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings. Harland Clarke Holdings is in turn owned by M&F Worldwide. M&F Worldwide is owned by MacAndrews & Forbes. MacAndrews & Forbes is wholly owned by billionaire investor Ronald Perelman.

    Thus, ultimate responsibility for these mailings rests with this man:

  27. I’ve been submitting my address in the opt out form ( since June 2018, once a month for six months. I have print outs of the unsubscribe confirmation to keep track of the day I submitted them. Once they switched to RetailMeNot, there was a phone number on the website as well to call which I did and spoke to a person and voiced my concern about not being removed from their mailing list. Of course I was assured this would be taken care of. I’m still receiving the unwanted mailings. This is ridiculous. I can unsubscribe from emails but regular mail, forget about getting off any type of list.

  28. I called the Valassis advertising number and “opted out” and they have been honoring that for 6 years now – problem is USPS does not check address before stuffing in my mailbox so all I accomplished was freeing the last address on my postal route from receiving this crap…????

    • Remove those addresses as well…you can remove 4 addresses per week/per email – be sure to use your fake/junk email (use an old AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail account).

      My mail carrier will place other addresses SAVE’s in my mailbox because he knows I will stop them.

  29. *forgot to add this to the original comment*
    The removal request is SUPPOSED to remain active for 5 years. I submitted request a few years back, and it did successfully stop them from coming, but I just recently started receiving them again. I figured I needed to re-request it, but when I submitted my request today, it said my address was already registered as being removed… I’m guessing we must have a new mail person who puts them in everybody’s mailbox rather than actually checking who’s supposed to get it *rolls eyes*

  30. I cannot find the ad remove list in your website, and I would love to be taken off the list. I am tired of my little small mailbox getting filled up with crap from you and having to go to the Post office to get my important mail. TAKE ME OFF

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