What Could Face Mapping Reveal About Your Health?

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A glowing, fresh complexion makes a person appear healthy, we make that connection without techniques such as face mapping. A clear, even tone appears vibrant, and full of life. Just think of a young child, or a yoga instructor perhaps. When I imagine great skin this is what comes to mind. Ruddy cheeks, a smile and sparkling clear eyes, all on a body that is ready for action.

This association is natural, but for some reason we don’t tend to use it the other way around….when associating skin imperfections on the face to internal imbalances.

Why Should We Face Map?

If a healthy, bright skin reflects a body in great working order, strong organs, immune system, circulation, digestion and more – then isn’t it natural that we look for ways to treat the internal problems which are manifesting on our face?

The body works with a number of interconnected systems, including the lymphatic, neurological, digestive, respiratory and more. They are all impacted by one another, so treating the body as a whole, and recognising symptoms in one place, as being linked to issues with another is the main idea behind ‘face mapping’.

Face mapping considers that pimples, rashes, discolouration, changes in pigmentation, uneven texture, broken capillaries and deep lines all signify something that is happening internally. The location of the external manifestation on the face correlates with an internal imbalance.

The Face Mapping theory stems from two ancient practices, Ayurvedic and Chinese Traditional Medicines. They bring slightly different angles to face mapping. We will take a look at each in turn, before going through the face maps in detail.

“Face mapping goes back thousands of years. A lot of it comes simply from clinical experience. Nowadays, you have all types of blood tests and scans, but back then, doctors would have to give a diagnosis by looking, touching, and asking questions.”

Talking about the yellowing of the eyes due to jaundice: “That was true 2000 years ago, and it’s still true today” ~ Dr. Dan Hsu, specialist in Eastern medicine.

Face Mapping in Chinese Medicineface mapping

Chinese medicine believes that meridian channels of energy run across our bodies and faces. The face is thought to have 8 major meridian pathways, which are directly connected to various internal organs and energy centres.

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