What Could Face Mapping Reveal About Your Health?

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Massage techniques can be used at various specific points on the face to re-balance energy flow, and support the healing of the connected internal organs. It is very similar to what we might recognise in reflexology, where the feet are massaged in a certain points that are thought to correspond with the organs.

Trigger point massage, acupressure or meridian point massage as well as lymphatic drainage massages can all be used to stimulate the glands, revitalise the face and support the internal healing process.

If pain is felt when pressure is applied to a point on the face, Chinese medicine traditionally states that this is an indicator of a block in the flow of Qi along the meridian pathway. External skin problems, such as pimples are considered an indication that the organs require some form of detoxification to support their return to health. The face will be mapped in detail below.

A great complexion is therefore considered to show a healthy flow of ‘Qi’, both Yin and Yang, throughout the entire body, as well as a well-functioning system of internal organs.

Ayurvedic Face Mappingface map ayurveda

Ayurveda to characterises individuals based on their energetic type, or dosha. There are 3 doshas, which are represented by different elements. A person is typically a combination of these, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurvedic face mapping associates each section the face with a different dosha.

  • Vata = Air and Ether/Space; Top third of the face; Forehead and temples.
  • Pitta = Fire and Water; Middle third of face; Cheeks and nose.
  • Kapha = Earth and Water; Bottom third of face; Base of ears and top of lip down to the neck.

Each area is associated with a different flow of energy and emotion, and skin imperfection in a certain area are therefore thought to be connected to an imbalance that could be healed through various means, explained in the detailed face map below.

Wisdom of Face

Some mapping practices claim that the face can even be ‘read’ to:

show you why you tend to think, feel and behave in certain ways. It discloses what patterns of emotion you’ll struggle with, your personal strengths and challenges, the people you’ll be attracted to, the work you’ll enjoy. But most of all it shows you a way to finally fall in love with who you are, and to extend that compassion to everyone else in your life as well ~ Jean Haner, The Wisdom of The Face

Although Jean admits that it is not a simple task:

There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach to face reading. You cannot look at one aspect of someone’s face and declare you know all about them. The features of the face must be considered like parts of a complex tapestry that weave together to make up the unique personality that you are.

Face Mapping In Beauty Salons

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