Buy Once, Buy For Life: Women’s Shoes


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Without a standard there is no logical basis for making a decision or taking action.” — Joseph Juran.

As a promised follow-up to the Buy Once, Buy For Life: Boots article that generated email and comment requests for a segment about women’s shoes made in America, here it is: Buy Once, Buy For Life: Women’s Shoes. And while buying a pair of shoes meant to the last the rest of our lives is probably impossible, in researching these companies I came across quite a few that still stand behind their products and proudly craft their goods out of quality materials right here in the USA.

Munro Shoes – Munro’s three manufacturing facilities along with its distribution center are all located in Arkansas. The company makes dress shoes, sandals, hiking shoes, boots, and flats. They are available in brick and mortar stores such as Nordstrom’s along with online at Zappos and

Loveless Boots – Loveless Custom Boots and Shoes is a family owned business operated by Gary and Denise Loveless. They make boots, orthopedics, dress shoes, and custom made-to-order shoes in Oklahoma.

Johansen Shoes – Johansen Shoes have been Made in the USA since 1876 and are made by 175 employees in Virginia.

Sundance Leather – Each sheepskin and leather item is handmade in the USA and has been since 1971. The company is family-owned and operated. Slippers, shoes, and boots, along with hats, mittens, and accessories.

Okabashi – 250 employees make Okabashi shoes right here in the USA. In addition, the company uses a recyclable material called Microplast in construction and their Georgia plant uses a zero-waste production practice. Their guarantee warrants Okabashi-branded shoes and sandals against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of two (2) years. Clogs, flip-flops, cross-straps, and assorted other styles.

womens shoes made in america

Anatech – All shoes are made to order in the US and come with a 6 month guarantee. Clogs and sandals.

Aurora Shoe Company – All of Aurora’s shoes are made in-house and by hand in New York from American materials, guaranteed for 6 months. The company offers repair services on the shoes they sell, which encourages customers to keep the shoes they have rather than buy brand new ones.

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  1. As I’ve mentioned @ you on the Twitters, this is a subject close to my heart. I have to comment on Okabashi / Oka B — they are are kind of the same company but I’m not clear on how that works. I have a great pair of Oka B flip-flops with comfortable nubbed arch support– however, as much as I wanted them to be, they are not “for life” in my experience. One of my first pair broke after the first year. They have so far been “buy once” because the company replaced them free. And in theory they won’t be cluttering up a landfill since the company takes them back for recycling– I just haven’t gotten around to sending them back yet.

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